Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Short Shorts

If these shots aren't a potent enough case to bring back retro fashions, I don't know what is....


  1. Nice pear shaped bottom on the last one!!! Love to go over her knee!!!

  2. I'm not a fan of shorts myself, but I do like wearing a nice short skirt during a spanking, so I can feel the thighs on my own bare thighs.

  3. I want all the ladies who see this to notice that "their thighs touch". I am hereby starting a crusade to get rid of the notion that skinny is sexy.I am not criticizing skinny women just the fact if a woman is bigger than a size two everyone call her fat.......The women in these photos are wonderful....If you share these feelings please spread the word...grassroots movements always stat small...Poppa Bear.

    1. HEAR, HEAR!!

      Well said, Poppa Bear! It's SICK how ad agencies have created an impossible standard and told us that anything below it is repulsive. And society is no less guilty for buying into their garbage.

      I don't know of any survey having been done, but I would be willing to bet that the majority of men prefer women who look like women, not like other guys...

    2. Women, particularly mature women, should not be ashamed to be comfortable in their bodies. I have read that it is actually women who admire the "skin and bones" look as an ideal much more than men do.

      It's probably hard to find, but any chance of a retrospective of women or girls in twin-sets, skirts, and knee socks?

  4. I like short shorts and short skirts, and love feeling bare thigh against bare thigh when giving or receiving a spanking, excellent point Aunty!


  5. I was convinced before... even more now !

  6. great photos, but really like the ne of the woman holding the paddle...
    Happy spankings