Saturday, 1 June 2013

New from the LSF

The wonderful folks over at the Library of Spanking Fiction have been very busy lately compiling their collection into published anthologies, many of them strictly for the F/M audience. While I encourage any and all to follow the link to their site and browse the shelves yourself, I promised Miss Appleby - one of the chief librarians and among the more prolific authors of F/M material at the LSF - that I would showcase a few of their most recent and intriguing titles. 

Now, I am a little late in getting this done for her, and I am informed that I'm in for a good butt-warming as a result, so I'm hoping your purchase of a title or two might mitigate what I have coming to me....

... or not.

Once again, here is the link

But first, close your mouth and wipe the drool away.


  1. Could your enthusiasm have anything to do with you being the illustrator of the cover?... ;-)

  2. Now, why ever would you think that.....? :)

  3. Not to mention you obviously also being the cover illustrator for Ms. Appleby's "The Bad Boy Story Book," hmmmm?

    Well, for some strange reason I'm rather fond of "The Great Spanking Anthology, Volume 6" myself... --C.K.