Saturday, 2 November 2013

A Tribute to a Terrific Retro Spanking Artist

The following are the works of an artist I know little of, other than I believe his or her name was Delacourt, and I think these were done in the 40's or 50's. Anyway, they are wonderful little watercolor studies, deftly crafted, that offer a range of subtle emotions and situations that make me sigh with envy.
If anyone knows more about this artist, please let me know...


  1. Don't know much about this artist, except that the work is beautifully done and quite evocative. He (?) is quite "old-fashioned" in outlook (and artwork). Quite interesting...

  2. I've been looking for more background on this artist for a long time. She or he seems to be attributed a number of names as I've gathered on my artwork page (

    The best resource I've found is the German Enema Art blog, put together by someone who's clearly a big fan of the artist -

    If you've not seen that it's definitely a site well worth checking out, as it's got the most complete collection of the work I'm aware of.


  3. This Ist done because of sexual reasons!

  4. Hi Red:

    I also very much enjoy the work of this artist who I have heard referred to simply as "German". Did not know he was also known as Delacourt so thanks for that bit of info. I love his illustrations. They are beautifully executed and carry emotional impact. He did a series of enema studies that I have used in some of my posts featuring beautiful older women administering enemas to naughty young men. Thanks for sharing.

  5. enjoyed the images. very arousing.


  6. I am very reticent with the "Julie Delcourt" name. The pictures showed with this signing are not so good as the "original". For me, this Delcourt did just copied the German artist.

    1. I was not aware there were two artists involved. I have no idea which of the two's artwork I'm posting here....

  7. Don't worry: you posted the "good one". There is a very little drawings of this "Delcourt" and not well known - it was the first time I saw them.