Sunday, 3 August 2014

Retro Ad Art Fun


  1. Hope she's gonna use a better location if he IS late. That elevated stool looks kind of precarious and we wouldn't want him to get HURT, would we?

    1. Heaven forbid!
      Though, I have to say, tall bar stools are one of those pieces of household equipment that appeals to my spankomagination - maybe it's the idea of dangling over her lap without any ground support.

  2. Poor Bill is rather doomed either way isn't he? If he is late home, he gets a spanking. If he's on time, his wife will be frustrated, and probably spank him even harder than normal when she does find a reason!

  3. The woman of my dreams, this is who I would want to give me a spanking. I see myself, bare bottom across her lap, squirming, kicking, and crying as she warms my bare bottom. It does not get any better. I so hard right now, a trip to the bathroom is needed.

  4. Fantastic Picture...I'd be late all the time if that's what was awaiting me

  5. worth coming home late for dinner often
    bottoms up