Wednesday, 28 September 2011

So wrong on so many levels...

As appealing as some aspects of the '50's might be for fans of retro-spanking, it was also a time of blatant prejudices and chauvinism toward women as well, as these reprints from a 1950 issue of Beauty Parade (a girlie pulp) demonstrate. The author was trying to suggest that how a woman chose to seat herself was a message intended for the libido of every passing male. 
I've no doubt that humans, being primates, employ body language to some extent, but these are just ridiculous....

source: vintage scans

Maybe the guy who put this tripe together shoud have a go at interpreting what message can be derived from this pose:

or this one:

OK, OK - I have to admit I am picking up the signals these last two are sending loud and clear.


  1. I love this post! More retro awesomeness and a very funny piece of "how times change" too. The author definitely needs a lesson in respect over that model's lap, though... I bet he'd see a "doll's gams" from a different perspective then, in more ways than one!

    I wonder what it says about me, though, that "Conceited" was my favourite pose? Or that "Trained" says to ME more like "I'm waiting for an answer, young man!" during a spanking-imminent interrogation session! :)

    The last two lap pics are sizzling hot, mate! Incidentally, the first of the two (hairbrush) was one of the first-ever spanking pics I came across online!

  2. I remeber ads like this.
    as a kid of those times i think they influenced me to become the spankee that I am today. nothing beats a great pair of legs! Or mor likely it is great to get spanked across a very lovely lap. tommyspt

  3. i remember well these old advertisements. I think they led me to be the spankee that I am todayl. how i love a pretty stockinged lap to be spanked across. thanks for posting these. tommyspt

  4. Glad you guys enjoyed them - they are a hoot. And yes, Banjo, I agree - that so called 'trained' pose is very beckoning. To me she is saying 'I expect you over my knee this minute, do you hear?'