Friday, 23 September 2011

The View from Above

I'm always curious to get the female perspective on FM spanking, and thought it would be a good idea to pass on the word about a few blogs out there that are written by women who eagerly indulge our punitive fantasies:

Spanking My Husband is a wonderful blog that follows the exploits of Deirdre as she puts her husband Evan 'through the paces (and the ringer!)', whenever he deserves or needs it, or just because she's in the mood to. Deirdre shares her thoughts and feelings in depth, as well as sharing her techniques with plenty of images, and responds to questions regarding their lifestyle. Well worth checking out.

All Mine is a terrific blog that offers insight to a unique lifestyle - Suzanne is married to a man she keeps as 'Sissy Tammy', and openly shares her bed with a lover, Jay. It is obvious from her writing that she is a very intelligent, confident and authoritative woman, and her outlook on life and loving is worth experiencing.
(I just noticed today that she posted a kind mention of yours truly, so she also apparently has good taste, too! - LOL)

I'll post other spanking blogs written by women who don't hesitate to paddle a deserving bottom as I come across them.

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