Wednesday, 7 September 2011

RetroFix - Natalie Wood

I thought it would be fun to occassionally post images of some iconic women from the past, just in appreciation. And I cannot think of a more perfect choice to start this RetroFix feature off than the breathtaking Natalie Wood.  Her talent and charm went hand in hand with her beauty.

What's any of this to do with spanking, you ask? Not much, really - after all, an angel like her would never even dream of inflicting a humiliating butt-bruising on a defenceless posteri-

Ack! What the---?! 
Guess I was wrong....and never so happy to be.
Bless you, Natalie. We miss you.

(to answer the obvious question - no, this is not a photoshop job. That really is Natalie giving actor Tab Hunter a good tanning.)

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