Thursday, 1 September 2011

Ah, the good old days....

There is something about women back in the 50's - the hairstyles, the fashions, the fact that the world was in black and white (wasn't it?) - that somehow, someway just screams SPANKING.
Not sure exactly why - maybe its the way the clothes succeeded in both accentuating  a woman's figure while still making her look so prim and proper. It's that prim and proper manner that subtly suggests that they will not tolerate any aberrant behavior.
Now, I was not around in the 1950's, but being a fan of the era, you will notice a strong retro flavor to much of the art on this blog.


  1. Love the pics, and I totally agree. *I* wasn't around in the 50's either, but something about the peroid screams 'F/m spanking' to me too! Funny, eh? I'm sure a lot of people would say women were 'repressed' in that era, but it doesn't come across that way domestically to me in images like these! :) Then again, I discovered WHAP in my late teens, so maybe that was an influence? But yeah, for some reason I always think "50's and 80's" when I think spanking eras! Go figure! :)

  2. Hi RedRump.

    I totally agree. Women`s fashions at that time screams spanking to me as well. I guess its the domestic aspect that calls out to me, along with the sexual aspects of the dress; form fitting upper portion always accenting the breasts, always a skirt or dress, stockings and heels. Very feminine and proper looking. I can`t look at a 1950`s style picture of a woman without imagining a hairbrush in one hand and a focused or determined look similar to the ones in your last three pictures.

    I speculate that in excess to my submissive nature, desire to be disciplined and the sexual aspect, it also has something to do with that being an era where almost everybody was spanked. I kind of wish I grew up in such an era. I read an article a couple of days ago how a father got charged for spanking his kid. How times have changed. He left a couple welts after a half dozen spanks. Oh no welts! The few times I got it as a kid I always felt it for a day or so and now that I`m a `big boy`, I actually want to remember it (though I don`t like receiving it) for a couple of days.

  3. Sorry for the second comment but; like Banjo I found WHaP in my late teens as well. That was a very 1950`s-1960`s domestic discipline Fm magazine. It covered a wide range of discipline and FLR topics from spanking to humiliation and everything in between in order to maintain control of the house. I still have the one copy I bought.

    Banjo.... Is this the same Banjo who had a Yahoo! page filled with art? If it is, I really enjoyed it and was a member for a number of years.

  4. I too am a fan of black and white pictures, I think you see a lot more in B&W. It appears to be a cleaner looking pic.

    And I really agree with you, there's just something about a pose, and high heels, leaves a lot to the imagination.

    Enjoy your site



  5. Yeah, yeah, except that was pretty much the era where there were tons of spankings in movies and tv shows - and almost without fail they were males spanking females or males spanking children of either sex. The only spanking females were doing was of children.

    Of course one can't know what went on behind closed doors and I'm sure some men were getting it but good over those lovely skirted laps, but I'm willing to bet the societal meme was the same as it ever was - that is, women are childlike and need discipline. Given that one of the pillers of what we call "femininity" is child like helplessness I suspect this is partly genetic in nature.

    So, no, I think I'm aware of what the society was like back then and with both good and bad effects (fatherhood is too damn devalued in modern culture) it was a mostly patriarchal culture.



  6. Nice models, and I agree 100%

    Added to that, morality standards were often high and porn was forbidden.
    This is why I like to portray the punishing aunt in the 1950s and not nowadays when I create a pic

  7. Hi J! Yes, it's "that Banjo". *blush* I'm honored to hear you liked my group, so I guess I'll say it here (hope you don't mind, RedRump)... I'm "un-retiring" and making a comeback as of this week. Seriously, keep an eye out!

    And hey, I'd love if you could get in touch, J (check my profile) as I'm a really huge 'WHAP' fan and would love to chat with a fellow reader who found it in similar circumstances to me if you're interested. :)

    I SO can't look at a 50's era woman in art or photography and NOT think "F/m spanking" now either, amusingly!

  8. You know, I was alive in the '50s and, I swear, my teachers looked exactly like the women in the pictures - and they weren't fat back then either. They seemed to love big, wide, leather belts with their skirts and fuzzy sweaters. And you'd better believe that most people were raised on spankings so the subject was around.It was considered pretty normal for women in authority to threaten little boys with bare-bottomed spankings is they misbehaved. It was 99% talk, but I think that's what turned me into a spanko - gorgeous women like the ones in the pictures threatening to strip me, turn me over their knees, and smack my bare rump. Really! That was a typical threat back then.
    (I couldn't figure out how to log in with my own name)

  9. to Otto-

    You're lucky to have such memories to cherish. Hmmm.... big, wide leather belts and fuzzy sweaters.... I feel a drawing coming on...

  10. I WAS around in the late fifties and I can attest that the fashions and child-rearing practices, as well as the willingness of teachers to both threaten and administer corporal punishment, made fertile ground for producing young spankos. I expect many a first experience of sexual stimulation came from lying, pants down, over the wool-skirted or nylon-stockinged knee of a teacher or baby-sitter. My own baby-sitter experiences led to a still active fascination with cableknit tights.

  11. to DB-

    Right! So it looked like that to you too. I remember we were doing a little play and the teacher, who looked just like those drawings, said that if anyone waved at their parents or anything during the play she would take that kid into a little room, pull down their pants, and spank them mercilessly with a paddle. I am not making this up. They never did anything like that, in my era, but they were constantly threatening and describing it. I'm pretty sure that's what made me into the spanko I am today.

  12. Yes. The phrase "over my knee" always seemed to feature prominently in motherly (and other female authority figures') scoldings!

  13. Otto-

    While I was not around back then, I still gew up at a time when teachers were not afraid of exercising their authority. I remember my 5th grade teacher, fed up with class antics, plunked a high stool down in the center of the room and, shaking her pointer stick at us, declared that the next one to make trouble was going over that stool to get the point they hadn't gotten all morning.
    I was in awe of her but, alas, lacked the courage to take her up on her threat. So many regrets....

  14. Red

    She never would have done it, I'll wager. Boys have got to be pretty hard for a woman to control and they used to use the threat of spanking, but rarely the reality. My grandfather, on the other hand, told me that back in the 1890s they were constantly whipping the shit out of you - for real. That's why he never spanked a child in his life because he found it so excessive when he was a kid. Obviously a few hundred-million other people agreed with my Grandpa and things changed. Now teachers are quite literally afraid to so much as rest their hand on a student's shoulder for fear of finding themselves in front of a very politically-correct disciplinary board. It's a constantly-changing world, isn't it?

  15. Otto-

    It is indeed, and, as I recall, you're right - she did refrain from actually using that pointer. One girl in the class did end up over the stool, but the teacher just couldn't bring herself to do it. She satisfied herself with threats. Even threats are taboo these days.