Saturday, 4 August 2012

A New, Fresh Look

So I was getting awful tired of the look of the blog, and thought I'd enliven it with a new retro-ish backdrop. Hope you like it - now that I've figured out how to do it, I will be changing it up from time to time, in a desperate, shameless plea to hopefully encourage visitors to visit often ...

New art should be coming this weekend, too.


  1. I like it. Would be curious to know how you did that!


  2. Don't change it too soon! I'd like this new one to stay for a while...

    1. Not to worry - I like it too, and even when I get around to a new one, it will come back, as I will probably rotate them continually.

  3. It looks nice. The way the bench she's sitting on fades away gives it a dreamlike feel.

  4. It looks great, and definitely would like to know how you did it. Far superior to the other methods, like on my blog. One question, it looks great on a widescreen , but how does it look on older monitors?
    Await your reply
    bottoms up