Friday, 9 November 2012

Love Our Lurkers Day 2012

 Tiffany has been a VERY naughty young lady. Curious about spanking, yet reluctant to take the plunge herself, she is not above deliberately planting porn mags in her brother's room where she knows they will be discovered, just for the fun of watching him get punished while she scrubs her own rear end with her haribrush.

This is the 7th annual Love Our Lurkers Day in the Spanking Blogoverse, a tradition initiated by the wonderful Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts, wherein we thank that overwhelming percentage of silent visitors to our kinky world, and encourage them to drop a comment or two at their favorite spanking blog. So - THANK YOU, and don't miss out like Tiffany - join in the fun and make some new spanko friends.


  1. Hi Redrump,

    Happy LOL 7 day! I'm a regular visitor to your blog, and always enjoy your posts. The cartoon above is SO ingenious!


  2. I lurk but do enjoy your posts.

    Happy LOL Day.


  3. awesome and sexy and mean in a cute way. thank you very much. :)

  4. LOVE that pic! Hope she gets caught and her brother gets reciprocal privileges to watch her get her bare fanny paddled! ;-)

  5. REDRUMP: Happy LOL to you also. Love your blog and now able to start exploring after my HA experience. Love Marilyn., and is that Samantha from Bewitched.
    bototms up

  6. Thank you Lurkers, we were just treated to an amazing drawing, hot as hell. Thanks, just love the lap of mom!!!


  7. hi, i love your art, but i am more of a fan of females being otk than males. I did just find you with LOL from Bonnie's site. I really do not consider myself a lurker as i do try to comment (sometimes) Have a great day

  8. I Can't remember if I have commented here before or not. Love the blog though, have a great LOL Day.


  9. Sadly no-one plants porn in my bedroom. Dunlurkin'

    Rod of The Canery blog

  10. I imagine this thoroughly mean (but very clever) sister gets even more pleasure out of watching boys bottoms getting blistered when she knows they haven't done anything to deserve it!
    I like the knee socks on the spankee - very schoolboyish. Could he be the quiet, studious type who would never normally need this sort of punishment? His mother must be so disapointed in him...
    Great work!

  11. Hello RR, and Happy LOL Day to you! I don't really qualify as a lurker although I don't comment here nearly as often as I should.

    That is a deliciously naughty sketch - I'd say Tiffany's not too far off being promoted from vicarious to first-hand experience!

    Keep up the great work - I'm a big fan :).

  12. I love all followers, lurkers as well. Great picture to illustrate this too.

  13. Hi. Love the blog. Visit regularly. A true Lurker. Caddydlr

  14. Wow, thank you for all the comments so far, especially to the lurkers who are commenting for the first time.

    I know there are more of you out there. Come on, let's hear from you!

  15. I enjoy your art a lot. Keep it coming.
    Michael M

  16. Happy Lol Day!

    And absolutely love this illo!!

  17. IMHO Tiffany needs to give her mother the hairbrush (after putting some clothes on), and in turn for her 'helpfulness' ask to be allowed to openly watch her brother's spanking.

    Later, however, she should 'take her courage in hand' and ask her mother for a similar bare-bottom blistering for framing her brother.

    Meanwhile, he's smiling contentedly while looking at his true stash, which is well-hidden and contains old F/M spanking magazines which he's 'borrowed' from his father's clandestine toolshed location--but which his scheming sister has secretly discovered... --C.K.

    1. Interesting extrapolation. Sounds like Mom ought to line up the whole family for a good walloping.

  18. Happy LOL Day! Awesome cartoon... almost feel sorry for the poor girl with the hairbrush.

    ~Todd and Suzy