Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Lights! Camera! ACTION!!

Veteran visitors of this blog may remember this illustration:

Well, now the wonderful Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking has taken it as the inspiration for her latest video Prove Your Love, where two college lovers must demonstrate their sincerity by the test of the paddle. If that news alone is not enough to encourage you to have a look-see, here's a little taste of what lies in store for you...

So, THANK YOU, Pandora! It's always gratifying for one artist to know that they have offered some inspiration to another. (and to see them wield a paddle in stripey socks...) 

This one's for you -


  1. Saw this on Pandora's blog. Nice series, except when it's her turn to get paddled, she gets to keep her panties on. What's up with that?
    Nice drawings. Both of them.

  2. I read that she wondered if you would be annoyed for using your idea. My guess is that you are not :)


  3. Redrump, I am SO pleased that you're chuffed about this. Thankyou so much. And I love the follow-up drawing! I think there's some truth in it - I'm a bit more sadistic than Mike, so I might have wielded the paddle with slightly more force than he did. Next time I'll have to make sure he's fully nude!

    Smuccatelli: Nope, the panties come down! 5 swats each over knickers, 5 swats each on the bare. Fair is fair :)

  4. Very nice, but I'd want to be laid over the stripey-stockinged knees.

  5. The followup illustration is very graphic. How many swats has he taken so far? Well, I'm guessing that's the sixth one which she's about to deliver--Ouch!! --C.K.