Monday 29 June 2015


My apologies for being absent for so long, but as this post is my 200th,  I thought I would do something a little special, and make up for any lost time with a themed portfolio. The following is an idea for a spanking match, spanker vs spankee, with the latter actually having a chance to win out.

To play, all you need are two sturdy wooden bath brushes (actually, any spanking implement will do if it leaves  a very distinct impact mark - I am suggesting bath brushes only because they not only leave a clear mark, but hurt like the dickens and give the spankee some genuine incentive to avoid them), a timer, two belts (scarves or even duct tape will do equally well), and a good amount of open space, ideally with some floor mats to avoid injury.

The spankee has his wrists bound to his legs just above the knee, thus forcing him into a permanent bent over position, but is otherwise unrestrained - though he will begin the match on all fours. The spanker is armed with a bath brush in each hand, taking a position 15 feet away:

The object is pretty simple - she has 5 minutes to deliver 10 swats to his behind. They must be clearly discernible to avoid disagreements, and must be confined to the buttocks. The object for him is equally simple - avoid getting his butt whacked. He is free to regain his feet and move about in any manner he is able to in order to protect his exposed and vulnerable posterior.

There are, however, strict rules governing the behavior of each contestant. The spankee cannot deliberately touch his pursuer in any way. He may not attempt to undo the bonds about his limbs, nor may he sit, or take a position against a wall to prevent her having fair access to her target. Violation of any of these rules involves starting the match again from the start - and she gets 2 free swats from the get-go. 

 As for the spanker, she must keep a weapon in each hand at all times. Dropping one requires her to immediately back off from her opponent and retrieve it. She may not slow down her quarry by deliberately hitting anywhere on his body other than his bottom; nor may she body check, trip or kick him to interfere with his movement - at least not while he is on his feet. Doing so invokes a penalty, setting her back 3 swats in her tally.
 Obviously, the spankee would do well to avoid letting his adversary get around behind him-

Encumbered as he is, that will be very difficult to keep up for the entire 5 minutes. Nevertheless, even if she does outmaneuver him, he might still evade her swings if he is agile and quick enough -

Then it simply becomes a chase, and this is where the spanker really does gain the advantage -

It's a good idea to learn to roll if you stumble, as a moving target is harder to strike - but if the spanker is athletically inclined, she might score a double hit -

One more rule - Though the spanker can't physically interfere while the spankee is on his feet, if the spankee should drop a knee to the floor, she may pounce on him, and wrestle him into a position to deliver her swats. This match is over -

So what is the victor's prize? I'll leave that one up to you....

Anyone out there willing to have a go? If so, do let us know how it works out....

Saturday 9 May 2015

Scolding & Spanking

I see a lot of spanking videos where the lady heats up her man's behind in stony deadpan silence, and  I find it a little frustrating. Getting a spanking over her knee is humiliating enough, but add a heated lecture into the mix, and now you really have a truly awe-inspiring encounter. A spankee is likely to remember the ear-burning he received long after the sting of the brush has faded. And a really good spanking should ultimately be about her communicating her message, and making sure he gets it.
Some guys, however, just don't seem to understand the spirit of the occasion without a little verbal reminder -


Saturday 25 April 2015

Not my work, but...

I would love to know who this talented - obviously Russian - artist is.  My stats show that this blog has a large readership in Russia, so I'm hoping someone there might recognize the source.

With that in mind, any of my Russian readers care to translate it for me? For all I know, this illo may not have anything at all to do with F/M punishment, but it certainly sparks the spanko-magination.

Friday 3 April 2015

The Cheerleader and the Linebacker

This one was a request from a loyal reader - frankly, I don't normally do requests, but this one had some appeal, perhaps because of the undeniable authority of the girl, in spite of the overwhelming strength of her boyfriend. He could easily resist her spanking him - but then she might really get mad...

An alternative interpretation is that the coach has devised an incentive for his players. Those who miss practices, or underperform in a game, are handed over to the cheerleaders to receive a little 'inspirational encouragement'. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but ever since the coach's plan went into effect, the team has spiraled downward in the standings; it's almost as if the players were trying to lose. The coach is baffled.....