Thursday 8 December 2011

NuWest Leda

If you're a devoted Spanko, you're likely already well aware of NWL, who are to spanking videos what Henry Ford was to the automobile, or Buddy Holly was to Rock and Roll. Genuine pioneers, they've been making spanking movies for decades, and have amassed quite a library of exceptional material, featuring a wide variety of women doing things to hapless men that, well, ought not be done - unless, of course, they have the questionable judgment to volunteer for it.

I've seen some spanking videos where the spankee is yowling and kicking while the spanker pats their bottom with love taps. You will not find that in any NWL vid. There is nothing faked here. Leda ladies are SERIOUS about spanking. It might be more accurate to say that they do not so much as spank and cane as they do wallop and thrash. I have watched agape with awe at how they unleash with a hairbrush, cane or strap. They hold nothing back. 

I don't think I'd personally have the courage to face a session with one of these ladies (which, paradoxically, is one of the aspects about them I find exciting), but I applaud the men who have the mettle to do so. I'm willing to wager it was an experience they will not easily forget.

Please check out the many free clips on their website. Or Debra here might just get annoyed....


  1. Some of my best video clips come from Nu-West, they also have some of the best Female spankers I've seen in any videos.

    They show the real thing, not made up, but real ass blistering, from real Dommes. I've always wanted a session with Julia Jameson. I'd love to go over her knee, and see what it would be like.


  2. Hi RedRump:

    I completely agree! Nu-West Leda produced some of the best no-nonsense corporal videos I have ever seen! One of my personal favorites was the "Ladies Who Love To Cane" series. Some of those canings were extremely severe! Also the fact that the ladies are dressed in ordinary (slightly retro) attire instead dominatrix garb makes them stand apart from a lot of the other femdom erotica out there.

  3. I'm afraid that just one Leda-style cane thwack would send me running for the emergency ward in search of morphine. I don't know how they do it. But I sure like watching Leda videos. And I love the super-square "woman" clothes they wear - the dresses, blouses, and shoes that sit on the racks, untouched, in the discount section of Sears, only to be brought to life in a "Bend over my knee, young man" context. That's how the woman at the Motor Vehicle Office will be dressed when she calls you into her office for a bare-bottomed spanking over your unpaid parking tickets. Yikes! They know exactly how the whole thing is supposed to go.

  4. @ Otto -

    hmm.... sounds like a scenario for an Otto artwork....

  5. @Otto-

    They do that at your Motor Vehicle office? Wow...

  6. Oh, it's terrible... Just last week I was in the Supermarket minding my own business when these two female security guards appeared and accused me of shoplifting. Next thing you know, they're marching me to the back of the store, down the hall, and to a thick door marked, "Do Not Enter". It goes downhill from there...something about a choice between calling the police or dealing with things on the spot. It's too painful to talk about...I can't go on.

  7. Can't go on? You stopped at the best part....
    Ah, well - guess I'll just have to assume you opted for choice #2.

  8. Cannot believe 2 votes for "not my thing" for NWL

  9. A bealted Merry Christmas to you RedRump! I like the top phot , because the wife seems to be a businesswoman and the husband is obviously an apron clad,but otherwise naked, househusband

  10. Embarrassed Paddy26 February 2012 at 10:15

    The most embarrassing thing to me was always "Corner Time". So much so that now 30 years later my wife now instead of my late mother makes me stand in the corner if the need arises. So I really liked the first picture