Sunday, 4 December 2011

Birth of a Spanko

This may not be quite what she had in mind when she decided he needed to be taught a lesson - the only thing he is learning is that he likes having a girl smack his rear end.

BTW - the standing position is not one I see depicted very often in spanking art, but it's always appealed to me - after all, this was a far more common experience than being turned over a knee when I was young. And I vividly recall how the swats had  me up on my toes,  my whole body arched.... 
Anyway, I intend to do more of this type of pose if you all feel the same way...?


  1. Hi RR:

    Thanks for posting more exquisite Femdom Spanko art! There is truth to the notion that early corporal discipline experiences can set sexual patterns of behavior for life.

    I rarely receive my corporal punishment over the knee. I am usually standing and bent over the bed (especially for caning) or kneeling on the floor and worshiping Her Majesty's feet/shoes/boots when I am on the receiving end.

    Great post! Thanks for sharing more of your wonderful Femdom art! :-)

  2. It's the eternal spanker's dilemma, isn't it? How to disicpline someone who likes to be disciplined.
    My mostly vanilla Significant Other is still under the impression that you can spank the urge to be spanked out of a spanko... Which is fine by me!

  3. WOW!!! To me the picture is more about her than him - a teenage goddess who has already discovered that she is a Take Charge No Nonsense Lady - who fully understands the effectiveness of spanking the male bottom when needed.

  4. Like the picture... love the idea of an immediate solution to a small problem...

  5. Great drawing, and yes the standing position can be very appealing as is its close cousin... the standing, slightly bent over one knee position which has always been one of my favorites.

    I recall an old Nu-West photo of a rather appealing domestic scene where a wife has one foot propped up on a kitchen bar stool with her husband bent over her slightly elevated knee. She was rather enthusiastically applying her hairbrush to his exposed bottom. Easy to imagine that he would soon be doing the 'ye-old tippy toe dance... nice!

  6. ooo that is indeed a hot illo; though I primarily prefer the more traditional positioning, this one is certainly....errm...intriguing :-)

    Keep up the awesome work,

  7. my mom used to call that a walk in a circle. of course it was difficult walking with your pants and under shorts around your ankles and she used a very large wooden spoon to keep me moving.

  8. A 'walk in a circle'? I guess that's because you tried to squirm away, but she held on tight, so you ended up just spinning around....? She must have gotten dizzy if you put up enough of a fight...