Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Origin of Spankings, pt. 2: The Babysitter Incident

The following is a true story, and one which I believe played a pivotal role into making me a lifelong Spanko. I was 8 or 9 at the time. We lived in a typical house in a typical suburb. Brenda was probably 18, and literally, the girl next door. Well, the girl across the street, anyway.  The descriptions and images are the truest that my memory can supply -

Brenda had babysat me and my brother a few times, and I'm sure I had a crush on her. I'd often fantasized about being over her knee, but with my brother around, it seemed too difficult to pull off - he would have told my parents if she had punished me, and I didn't want my parents involved in any way. But that particular night, he'd gone to a sleepover at a friend's, and I knew that if I were ever to get her to spank me, it would have be now or never.

The budding Spanko inside me concocted several schemes designed to ignite Brenda's temper and earn myself a spanking, but I knew that none of them were a guarantee. I was a quiet, shy, and well-behaved child and had never given her any trouble. I had no idea how she would react if I just started misbehaving. She might only get mad enough to chew me out, and - while the idea of being angrily scolded by this young woman excited me - I was afraid I might get too intimidated to push her to the next level if she were not encouraged to go there herself. I had to do something that. once done, was impossible for me to back out of. The solution was obvious and childishly simple.

I would just walk straight up and and ask her if she would give me a good spanking. Please.

Easy, right?  No. Like the saying goes, easier said than done. I had to psych myself into it. This was not going to be an easy leap from shy little boy to nasty little brat. A war of wills raged inside me between desire and fear that still echoes down the years. That evening I discovered the power of anticipation. You know what I mean - that electric concoction of excitement and rising trepidation, what I call the thrill and the chill, that adrenalin-pumping suspense when you know the time is drawing inexorably closer. To this day, I still find that to be as potent an experience as that of the spanking itself.

I was playing on the living room floor while she sat with her homework on her lap. Bare, pretty knees poked out from beneath her books; picturing myself perched over them bolstered my determination. 

 A hundred questions raced through my mind - how would she react when I asked her to spank me? Would she get angry? Laugh at me? Refuse and send me to bed? If she agreed, how would she do it? Would she turn me over her knee, or just stand up and start whacking? Would she give it me barebottom? Maybe make me fetch her a hairbrush? How many swats? Would she spank hard and fast, or slow and measured, alternately scolding and driving her points home with an explosive flurry of  swats? How long would it go on, and would I break down? If I started to cry, would she stop? Or just spank harder?
All these mysteries only served to add fuel to the fire. Several times I told myself 'now!' but still chickened out. 

After all, Brenda may have been a slim girl, but she had thick arms and wide shoulders, probably capable of delivering some very solid swats. It would be a hard spanking, and I'd deliberately put on the thinnest pajamas I had to ensure I got the most from what I had coming to me, should Brenda not be willing to expose my barebottom.

It took a long time to screw up my courage, but with my bedtime drawing close, I had to either get up or give up. So I got up. I'm sure my knees were shaking, and my heart pounding as I approached her chair, enrapt in a boyish sense of wonder. The adrenalin must have been raging.

I remember Brenda looking quizzically at me as I stood beside her (in just the proper spot should she have a mind to drag me down over her lap), as I stumbled over my words. Somehow I managed to blurt out my request.  She reacted with predictable wide-eyed shock, which turned to outrage surprisingly quickly. 

I don't recall anything she said, but I do remember being shocked myself at how quickly I found myself staring face to face with the carpet.

I suppose she must have scolded me, because I had time to reflect on my situation. I was really in for it! Over Brenda's knee and about to get a good hard spanking! The excitment of the moment and the feeling of lying over her lap were winning out over the fear. I guess I was entering that peculiar headspace that spankees often experience. It's like your mind says, 'OK, this is now unavoidable, so I'll deal with it by embracing it fully.'

So what happened next?


Believe it or not, that was the moment my parents chose to come home. I guess Brenda and I were both too occupied in our little drama to have heard the car pulling up. There was no warning until we heard them at the front door. They would not have seen us the moment they entered, but a few steps inside and the view of the babysitter with their son over her knee would be plain enough. Understandably, Brenda panicked and hauled me back to my feet before my folks actually stepped inside.
I don't remember much else, other than standing there, still trembling, awash in a runaway mix of emotions - mostly embarrassment and frustration. 
Brenda had acted quickly, and my parents had not noticed anything amiss. But they shouldn't have been there - it was too early. I think they had come home early because one of them had not felt well. Brenda said nothing about the incident, but she left hurriedly, and never came back to sit me again.

I am sorry if the ending to this story is disappointing  - think how I felt about it! - but I can only relate what actually transpired. I wish I could tell you that she spanked me good and hard, gave me a stern lecture, and marched me up to my room, but ....
Anyway, the point of it all is that I sometimes wonder if only getting to the brink of realizing my boyhood spanking dreams that night actually had a more galvanizing effect on my Spanko-ness than if I had gotten a good shellacking from Brenda. The effect of that evening was to instill a powerful memory of the thrill of the anticipation, unmitigated by the memory of any serious discomfort.

Then again, maybe it would not have made a difference in the end.  I suspect Brenda probably would have had me regretting my request in short order, but the memory of the pain would have faded with time, while the adrenalin rush of that anticipation and the thrill of being over her lap would have lingered on.

 And on and on....


  1. Ahhh the best laid plans of mice and naughty little boys. This was a wonderful, sweet recollection, RR, and you have captured Brenda perfectly I feel. I do hope you get that spanking one day.

    1. If , by some quirk of fate, I ever do run into Brenda again someday, I will have to ask her to pick up where she left off. She has some unfinished business with that naughty little boy...

    2. You would have been one lucky guy. Did not luck out in that department
      until I went to University. My parents bought a duplex in the Boston
      area and this middle aged woman rented out the other half of the place.
      One day I was helping her clean her car when her teen son called her.
      She yelled into the phone "Do you want a bare bottom spanking, young man?"
      I had a moment and blurted out "YES!" The smile on her face was priceless.
      "Well, Richard, I have never spanked a white bare bottom before." Once we
      were in my place she spanked me and then some. I was in the corner when I
      heard her pick up the phone and call her daughter. "Vicki, I am next door. You know, Richard's place. I want you to bring me the strap. I plan on giving this young man at least 100 with the strap."

    3. Anonymous from 20 April 2018... good for you!! WOW I can only imagine the adrenaline rush of knowing you have a split second to decide whether to blurt out "YES" or forever thereafter wish you had or wondered what would have happened had you. Perfect set-up!!! I hope I would have had the courage to do that too

    4. Wish I could take credit for that "YES". It just came out before I could stop it.
      Build up of past desires of wanting a maternal spanking. Long before puberty I
      wanted to be spanked by mother. Especially, in front of my sisters. Guess you are
      correct in your assessment it is the adrenaline rush some of us are looking to obtain. Just never could get up the nerve to ask her!

  2. LOVE the Patty Duke pic. I used to fantasize about being across her knees frequently, encouraged by one incident depicted on her show where she did administer a spanking to a bratty little boy. My own spanking fascination derives from a couple of babysitter spankings administered by ten and twelve year old girls when I was about four.

    1. Haven't seen that scene, but I do remember a scene where she declared whe was going to go straight over to some neighbor's house and teach their kid a lesson in how to behave... maybe it was the same episode?

    2. Don't know about that. Being sixties TV, of course, it was NOT a "pants-downer" but a boy could certainly dream...

  3. That was a brilliant, little true story that most of us can relate to in some way.

  4. Very cute story!
    I used to baby sit. I'm sure what I would have done in this situation.
    What I know now.. you were a really naughty boy who would probably enjoy it too much!
    Back then.. I would have given you a good spanking!

    1. It's a darn shame I didn't live in your neighborhood!

    2. Strnggyrl, what is wrong with a naughty boy enjoying a pretty girl giving him a spanking? If she spanks long enough and hard enough, he may cease to enjoy it so much, and it will accomplish her intended purpose. I bet you would know when he ceases to enjoy it, that is when it starts to accomplish the discipline he needed....... wish you had been my sitter :)

  5. i loved this story and pictures and drawings.
    when i had a baby sitter, my mom instructed them to spank me if I neeeded it. but then i am from a time growing up that if you messed up or disobeyed you got spanked and pretty much anyone in authority over you had no second thoughts about giving you what you needed.

  6. RR that was great. I'd love to see your version of what should have happened if your folks hadn't returned. I can almost visualize a series here, lol. Keep up the good work. -Often123

  7. This story bears so many similarities to a memory from my youth it is eerie. Girl across the street who would occasionally babysit. Same approximate age, yes I had a crush on her and yes I would sometimes fantasize about her spanking me. It never happened but like you I would wear thin pajamas just in case. I found myself rooting for you as I read this, hoping it happened for you. Thanks for a great story and a trip down memory lane at least, if not over the knee :)

  8. maybe she was shock you ask for a spanking but then look like she was going to give you one but might of not really wanted to spank you. might of been glad your parents came home iam sure she might of told your parent you ask to be spanked by her and worry she would get in trouble.. you never explain why she never babysat you again maybe she was worry you would ask her to spank you again or she was embrassed too


  9. My Mom did not spank. But my best friend's Mom did.

    She KNEW exactly what I needed and volunteered to give it to me.

    I was standing there and heard it. My Mom was outraged. So, I was denied what was badly needed.

    Fast forward a few decades. My wife knows exactly what is needed and is very capable of administering thorough discipline. I NEVER play games and test her because although the idea of her spankings are enticing, they are total hell in real life.

  10. Sounds like we share a propensity for unfortunate parental interruptions.

  11. Yes, UPIs. How could they ever have known?

    Here's something really interesting (for me anyway). Commenting on your Blog must have triggered my memory. I got ONE OTK spanking from my mom, who is long gone. I had forgotten about it. It was not a hard spanking and since it was the first and last time, I don't think I realized what was going on at the time.

    I don't think most guys even consider whether their mom is attractive or not when they are kids. It never occurred to me. But looking over family history pictures I have come to realize, she was quite the stunning woman.

    Still shaking my head that I would have forgotten that.

    BTW, thanks for all your hard work here.

  12. You're welcome, and re-awakening childhood memories is one of the aspects of spanking that appeals to adults - glad I was able to assist in reawakening one of yours.

  13. Truly amazing how you articulate exactly what I felt as a little kid. Desperately wanting a spanking, but being known as such a "good little boy" that you thought everyone would see right through and know you were TRYING to get a spanking and they would KNOW how WEIRD you really were. I also really identified with the part where you said you did not want you folks involved in any way. I was exactly the same way, wanted a spanking from just about any woman in the world EXCEPT my mom. This was my first visit to your blog, so impressed with all your work. Thanks for expressing in word and picture the things us life long spankos have had pent up for....well a lifetime.

  14. Thanks! I always suspected I was not unique in my boyhood desires, and it's always nice to hear from a kindred spirit. Despite the anticlimactic conclusion, the memory of that night still resonates....

    I would love to illustrate more babysitter scenarios, but it is rather hard to do so without including children, which I refuse to do.

  15. great story, but unhappy ending.... I have not looked throughout your blog, but do you recount the first spanking you remember?
    bottoms up

    1. No, this is the only personal recollection you will find. However, I think the first one was from my 3rd grade teacher, Miss Redden (I know it sounds unlikely, but I swear that was really her name!), who hauled me out of my desk and gave me a spanking in front of the whole class. I had no idea what I'd done to warrant it, but I do recall thinking that she did not live up to her name - seven determined swats hardly produced anything but a mild tingle through my jeans. I was surprised at how little it hurt.

  16. Oh how this brings back memories of myself trying to pluck up the courage and ask my wife to be to spank me across her knee All the thoughts in the story raced thru my mind such as rejection and ridicule at my request.
    But at least I was accommodated.Oh what a relief that my wife enjoyed it as much as I. It became a major part of sexual behaviour.

  17. Very interesting read !! Now I know why you expressed this recent interest for babysitters ; )

    I'm surprised by 2 things :

    - you wanted to be spanked, and you were only a child... To me this interest would come later, when you remember unpleasant and stressful memories. And on top of that, you were clever enough to admit it to yourself and had the guts to ask it.
    Actually, I clearly remember I wanted to spank pretty girls when I was 9 or 10, and I actually did once. It must be something natural some of us have inside

    - I'm also surprised about the way she reacted. Giving you a spanking when you asked for it? Without a specific wrongdoing? Would be more rational from he to tell you it doesn't work that way, little boy. Unless she had been thinking about it for a long time...

    1. Well, I doubt she had spanking on her mind - she would not have been so shocked at my request if she had. But I don't think she considered any rationale before she turned me over her knee. She reacted on gut emotion. Once she had me in place, she may have had some second thoughts, as she did not immediately lay into me.

    2. We'll never know!
      Talk about an acte manqué : /

    3. JonSteel(Crimson Idol)22 March 2018 at 02:44

      When I was in 3rd grade I'd see high school seniors and think about how badly I wanted them to give me a spanking! I thought I was the only person in the world who had a crease in their dictionary at the S! I never wanted it from my parents and until recently I was almost suicidal feeling I was alone and "weird" I still haven't figured out how to bring up the subject to a girlfriend and I'm 40. If anyone is willing to share what triggered them or when they noticed it or any females understand me wanting to be a sub feel free to write me at I've felt so awkward for too long. Just call me Jon even though it isn't my real name. I'll give my real name once I trust you. Thanks.

  18. Wow.. what memories just came flooding back... I'm not sure of what age I was but the story is the same only I didn't have the courage you did to ask. Though I craved excitedly, but scared, to ask my babysister for her to spank my bare bottom it never happened. I remember trying to be bad to entice her but she never took my clues. I grew up in a low income housing complex were there was lots of divorced and single moms trying to get on their feet. They were the matriarchs of the family and ruled with either the paddle or strap. I remember once being late for my freinds birthday party and his mom scolded me and told she was going to put me over her knee and give me a spanking....I was so scared... in front of all my freinds...and of course I was excited at the same time...puberty was also playing a role in this... what boy at that age didn't fantasize about his best freinds mom or babysister pulling down his pants and exposing his bare bottom for a spanking????? To this day even though I'm older and have been in spanking for a few years I still, though not actively at this time, still crave that spanking that never happened. been spanked with a paddle, strap, whip. cane, and enjoyed it all. I've also been on the top side giving it out...... but I still remember those days of wishfull bliss hoping the babysister, neighbor's mom, beat freind's mom, or aunty, would scold me... pull me over their knee... and spank my bare bottom.

  19. Reading your blog from the beginning to the end... I was expecting a great "souvenir" with this item... And... It was a great story, well narrated and wonderfully illustrated (as always), but... I felt sorry for you, as a frustrated child interrupted at half his édream come true"...

    Parents... We love them, we need them, but there's some pain in the... Errh. No. Not even that this time... ;-)

    1. Even without that spanking, that evening still lingers fondly for me.

      You read the blog beginning to end? Wow. Thanks for investing the time.

  20. Loved your story, just like you I REALLY wanted a bare bottom spanking. Have a story like yours and why I think I LOVE to be SPANKED.

  21. When I was 11 I had a babysitter from across the street, Nancy was in 11th grade about 16 I guess I acted naughty just to keep her attention, what I got was a hard bare bottom spanking with the bath brush and sent to bed.

  22. Terrific. My thanks to you for your dedication and skill.

    My fascination evolved in a similar ways perhaps, beginning long before puberty. The anticipation and thrill, what I call the delicious dread, was the key that fanned the inner flame of obsessive fascination with spanking. The fact that my anticipation lasted for years as I escaped various real spankings (like the way you escaped Brenda's firm hand), certainly added to the smoldering fire within. By the time puberty began to infiltrate this naughty boy's secret imagination, it emerged as a full-blown fetish, and has lasted the rest of my life.

    One little story I will share, similar to yours, is that as a teenage boy (about 15) I did some babysitting. One time a sweet girl (about 11) who I had babysat a few times, teasingly ask if I would spank her and her little brother (about 8) if they were naughty. Wow! Well, this led to a discussion about what to spank with (a flyswatter, she suggested.) This then led to a playful chasing game. When I finally cornered her and was perhaps able, or about to pull her pajama bottoms down and haul her over my knee... I was aware of two things that made me stop abruptly. One was that she was suddenly genuinely scared, rather than playfully excited as she had been up to that point. The other was that I was fully aroused. Although my arousal was not obvious to her, the idea that I spank a little girl on her bare bottom, especially while I was aroused, was one that I instinctively knew was wrong. Naughty, inappropriate, abusive perhaps, etc. So, unfortunately perhaps, nothing happened.

    But it added to my stockpile of spanking fantasies for sure Of course, I have also often wondered how she felt, how she remembered this, and whether this incident kindled or added to her spanking fetish as she got older. I also wonder what would have happened if her parents came home at that point. Or what if I had smacked her sweet little bottom a few times and managed to keep in "appropriate"? What if she then told her mother? Would her mother have given me a really good spanking? I think all that happened was that for some unknown reason I never did babysit with that family again.

    Ah regret over missed opportunities...

  23. I can share his feelings.Before I married my wife who was quite sexually naïve I was desperate to ask her to put me across her knee and give me good spanking. I eventually did and she was puzzled by my request. But she complied and spanked my bare bottom but not as I had hoped which was a disciplinary type spanking. It left me frustrated and then she said did I want to be spanked hard like a naughty little boy with his mummy. I said that is exactly what I need and she put me across her knee again and did it to my espectations which gave me total sexual satisfaction. It continued regularly after that.

  24. Awesome! I never was spanked by a babysitter, but had a crush on this one girl Kerri who lived down the street. She was 17 and I was 12. One summer day at a pool party at her house, her mom yells for her to come in the house, and a little later I had to go use the bathroom. As I opened the sliding door, I could hear Kerri's mom scolding her, and as I walked past the den, there to my utter surprise was Kerri laying over her mom's lap with her bikini bottoms at her ankles, and her lily white bare ass sticking up mooning me in all its glory!
    Her mom was scolding her and roasting her bare ass. I was shocked and froze. Kerri's mom kept raining down spank after spank on Kerri's reddening cheeks and I relished the crisp loud SPANK that resonated with each smack on her naughty bare bum. Her mom saw me and said "this is what happens when girls don't keep their room clean". Kerri turned her head up and I can only imagine the horror she felt when she saw me standing there. I saw the shame and embarrassment on her face as all four of her cheeks blushed furiously. “Noooo pleeaaase" escaped her lips as her mom continued a volley of spanks on that deliciously upturned rear end. Wow! Witnessing the prettiest girl I knew getting a bare bottom spanking. I was confused, but I realized I was relishing being able to witness this and knowing that she knew I was witnessing it. Eventually I left to go use the bathroom and when I came out they were gone. Kerri didn't come back out to the pool, but I had that wonderful scene etched in my mind.
    That scene planted some spanko (and ENF) seeds in my mind. I don't remember exactly when, but after reliving it in my head many times over the years, I found myself REVERSING the roles, and strangely beginning to fantasize about being the one spanked.. in front of her! or by her! I felt an embarrassment beyond belief thinking about this totally hot pretty girl I had a crush on (or any other pretty woman) witnessing me laying pants down over a woman's lap, and having my shamelessly exposed bare ass spanked in front of her! I COULDN'T have that happen! Yet I was fantasizing about it!
    YEARS later find out she's divorced and lives 2 hours from me. I got her number from her parents, and we spoke over the phone about a year ago. She asked me "what else do you remember?" I'm sure she asked it in general terms, but I was so hearing her ask "do you remember seeing me get spanked?" Hahaha. I didn't bring that story up, but we had a nice chat and agreed to meet for coffee someday when in each others neighborhood. That hasn't happened yet, but when it does I'm going to bring up the spanking story, and admit to her all these years later how I really enjoyed that scene, and also secretly wished that she would have spanked me (or suggest its time for her to get her payback!! ouch!! NOOO!!!). Can't wait for it to happen, as I looked her up on social media, and she is as pretty as ever. Yikes!! I wonder how that will all go down!!

  25. I could not even imagining getting up the nerve to ask my baby-sitter to spank
    me when I was that young. What a nice drawing! It took me until the ninth grade
    just to ask my mother to spank me! Goodness, my heart was pounding.

    1. Some us guys love this site. I have know clue why we like it. I JUST DO.
      Don't leave us hanging! Did she say yes? I WISH I had the you know what to
      to ask my mother to paddle me purple. You guys who did have my respect!

  26. In the mid 80's when I was 6 or 7 I had a high school aged babysitter spank me for leaving the yard after she told me not to. She was a fairly solid and athletic gal..a bit stocky who babysat frequently. After she called me back into the house and told me she was going to give me a spanking for not listening I only remember being incredibally embarrassed. She made me stand in the doorway between the livingroom and kitchen and put my hands on each side of the doorway above my head while she took her stance behind me. She then proceeded to give me around 5 thunderous underhand swats to my bottom. I know it wasn't bare but I have vague recollection maybe I had to lower my jeans so she could spank the seat of my underwear. I can't recall but think maybe that was why I recall it as such an embarrassing ordeal. I don't recall what happened afterward but I'm sure I quickly retreated to my bedroom to hide my embarrassment. I don't even recall if it hurt...although I'm sure it did. There was also a group of three sisters who babysat for a while. I'm sure I would have looked back fondly if one of them had turned me over their knee but it never happened. I remember I gave one of them in particular quite a bit of attitude for some reason and she sent me to my room many times but never even threatened a spanking if memory serves correct.

  27. it seems clear to me that this incident didn't turn you into a spanko. You were obviously a spanko before this story started, or you wouldn't have been asking to be spanked. Most children are terrified about being spanked. One thing I found odd about story is that you were only eight or nine years old. Most kids don't hit puberty until they are 12 or 13, and hence don't have any real sexual urges. Suffice it to say, it's very unusual for a little kid to ask for a spanking as a sexual favor, and still harbor that fetish as an adult.

  28. I think I was around 11 or 12 and over my friends house one summer using the pool. He had 2 older sisters, who I'm guessing were in the 16-18 year old range, and I remember thinking about how I started really enjoying seeing them in their bikinis. One time after swimming, I was using their bathroom to change back into my shorts, and after taking my suit off realized I left my shorts in the TV room, so wrapped a towel around my waist and went to get them. One of the sisters, Colleen, was there in the TV room in her bikini and talking to some guy (bf?). Although I was in a towel, I remember being a bit embarrassed to have to walk by her like that, and sort of bent over the sofa arm to grab my shorts. Dont remember what the guy said, (or if it was at my expense) but Colleen let out a little giggle and laugh, I grabbed my stuff and went back to the bathroom even more embarrassed than I had been - again not knowing why. It wasnt until later when I started realizing how much I liked seeing her in that bikini and giggling and me being all embarrassed, so that as I started fantasizing or replaying that scene in my mind, I pictured her or the guy yanking the towel off me while I was bent over the sofa arm, and for her to have given my bare upturned cheeks a few spanks while giggling. I was SO embarrassed thinking about that scenario, yet confused as to why I kept thinking about it, and 'wanting' it to have happened. Now I absolutely wish it did! and I remember from that time forward looking at all the pretty high school upperclass girls and imagined being de-panted and spanked by them or in front of them. Yikes!!