Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wagging the Finger

Now unless you want me to take my belt to your behind, I suggest you smarten up...

Not another word, do you hear me? I have had it with your excuses....

I'm giving you to the count of three to drop those drawers and grab your ankles...

Now you wipe up the mess you left on my lap and then get your sorry keester into that corner...

The bath brush is hanging over the tub - and don't give me that look! You know you've earned it...

I leave this last caption up to you, dear reader....


  1. Let's face it being scolded and the finger pointing before a good spanking is wonderful

  2. I think she is saying "You will eat all your breakfast you are not exempt from what I tell the kids". The 2nd pic gives me a delicious sense of fear.I think a little dribble of something might darken the front of my underpants one way or another.

    1. Yeah, that woman in the 2nd pic looks like she is genuinely incensed. I love the intensity of that piercing stare.

  3. Love the look in the 1st pic. With regard to the last pic...jeez, getting a brow beating first thing in the morning...harsh!

  4. "You quit jerking off in the shower and get down to breakfast on time! I prepare a hot meal for you; and when you finally get here, it's cold. Keep it up and you won't get the belt."

    That's why he is sad, he loves his bum beaten with a belt by his beautiful wife.


  5. Yes, the wagging of the angry forefinger is a very important part of any good pre spanking scolding. The other customary pose is the hands on hips with the pursed lips. Wonderful collection of pictures and captions.

  6. Hands on hips, yes.... a subject for a future post.

  7. Great photos, and captions. The second one is my favorite... the look states you are so going to be spanked...hard and long..