Saturday, 10 March 2012

RetroFix - I Dream of Jeannie (spanking me)

And what self-respecting Spanko wouldn't?

Not just gorgeous, but such an inviting lap too...

Makes me wish I were a naughty elf...

Looks like Major Nelson better bend over that couch if he knows what's good for him.

That is an oversized lipstick, right?


  1. Hi great pictures, Barbara Eden was one of my spanking fantasies from my youth. I would have gone over her knee willingly for a spanking.

    Funny how true spankos feel the same about some of the female stars from their childhood. I started having these feelings when I was about 5 or 6 years old.

    Thanks for the memories!!


  2. i always loved i dream of jeannie and secretly wished that she would turn tony into a young teen boy and put im across her lap for a good spanking. never happened but i watched the show with that hope in my mind.

  3. Oh the gorgeous Barbara Eden, she was one of my fantasy spankers as a young woman, Elizabeth Montgomery was always my first choice as a fantasy babysitter, but closely followed by Barbara Eden. As I grew older I wanted to have Jeannie kicking and squealing over my lap as my hand heated up the seat of those insubstantial little harem pants.

  4. I'm sure many of us had such ideas going through our nimble little heads back then.
    'Back then'? what the heck am I talking about....?

  5. I agree totally, she is so lovely but to me still Elizabeth Montgomery, Samantha Stevens is number one, but this lady is a close second.


  6. A beautiful woman to look at when you were growing up. In retrospect, that lap looks delicious! Maybe it was part of the attraction. The first seated could have you imagine that the man is waiting to be told to bend over her knees.
    Happy Spankings

  7. Jeannie was so beautiful.Any man would be a liar if they said they would like a spanking across her knee.See her in movies it was all I could think about.Wasnt interested in the storyline.