Sunday, 20 November 2011

RetroFix - Part 2

An anonymous commenter on Debra Paget mentioned that 'You should see her sister, Lisa Gaye... you'd drool over being spanked by her'.
So I looked her up, and - yup - my collar is now soaking wet, thank you very much....

Thanks, Anonymous, for the suggestion!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

RetroFix - Debra Paget

Another wonderful starlet of the 50's with one of the nicest laps in the business. If you're too young to know who she is, you have my sympathies. Here's a look at what you've been missing....

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Coming Out of the Corner

So today is Love Our Lurkers Day across the Spankoverse, a day set aside where bloggers get together to express a collective word of appreciation for everyone who comes to visit us, and hopefully encourage the silent majority to chime in with a comment or two, even if only anonymously. 

I lurked my way through the Spankoverse for many years, and I have to say that since I made my decision to 'come out of the corner', so to speak, I have encountered nothing but friendly, non-judgmental people. I found it to be actually a quite liberating experience, even exhilirating, sharing my fantasies through my art with the world. It is my wish for others to experience a similar sense of freedom and camaraderie with others of like mind.

Besides, how can you refuse a summons like this one...... 

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Dana Kane, Disciplinarian Extraordinaire

Anyone exploring the Spankoverse is likely aware of this stunning lady. Back in September, I was in touch with her and she asked if I would do a portrait. While I normally don't accept commissions, how could I refuse her? So I sharpened my pencils and then put them away - this woman was worth doing a color piece for. 

Although we've never actually met face to face, it was obvious from her blog and her emails that she has as much grace and elegance as she does beauty. I encourage you to visit her site and say hello. But be polite - I expect she also knows how to deal with rudeness swiftly and sharply...

And Dana - you are most welcome for the art - I enjoyed doing it and I'm thrilled you are having it framed for your 'playroom' - I hope the sight of it will remind your recalcitrants to behave themselves and do as they're told while in your charge.
(I can't help but to imagine a scenario where you make them wait in the playroom for your appearance, and then enter to discover them doing something inappropriate with themselves while looking at it. If so, give them an extra stroke for me - after all, this portrait was for you, not them...)

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Library of Spanking Fiction

You know, I have been trekking the online Spankoverse for some time, and I cannot believe I have only just last week learned about the Library of Spanking Fiction

If you're a fan of spanking fiction (and what self-respecting Spanko isn't?), you may already be familiar with the LSF. If  you are not, then be ready to give up your weekends, because you're in for a treat. The Library is a vast collection of over 16,000 stories and poems, penned by close to 500 authors.

The folks who run the Library are very dedicated and have orchestrated a beautifully streamlined, extremely sophisticated site that makes me feel I should have a wingback leather chair in front of my computer, with a snifter of French cognac standing by.

Aside from their extensive archives, they offer a chat room, forum, and an opportunity for budding writers out there to strut their stuff in their Challenges section.

And, it goes even further. They have just initiated a new feature, The Wellred Weekly (great title!), an e-zine dedicated to all things spanking, overflowing with interesting articles, advice, retrospectives, interviews, and opinions.  Why, they even have an interview with Yours Truly - so you know they must have good taste (LOL).


Do check out The Wellred Weekly

Or you can go directly to the Red Rump interview