Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Library of Spanking Fiction

You know, I have been trekking the online Spankoverse for some time, and I cannot believe I have only just last week learned about the Library of Spanking Fiction

If you're a fan of spanking fiction (and what self-respecting Spanko isn't?), you may already be familiar with the LSF. If  you are not, then be ready to give up your weekends, because you're in for a treat. The Library is a vast collection of over 16,000 stories and poems, penned by close to 500 authors.

The folks who run the Library are very dedicated and have orchestrated a beautifully streamlined, extremely sophisticated site that makes me feel I should have a wingback leather chair in front of my computer, with a snifter of French cognac standing by.

Aside from their extensive archives, they offer a chat room, forum, and an opportunity for budding writers out there to strut their stuff in their Challenges section.

And, it goes even further. They have just initiated a new feature, The Wellred Weekly (great title!), an e-zine dedicated to all things spanking, overflowing with interesting articles, advice, retrospectives, interviews, and opinions.  Why, they even have an interview with Yours Truly - so you know they must have good taste (LOL).


Do check out The Wellred Weekly

Or you can go directly to the Red Rump interview


  1. It's an awesome site. I remember when I 1st discovered it and found some of my favorite old stories and that some of my favorite old authors had not disappeared but found a new home.

  2. Very nice. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I am a writer on the Library site and must admit it is well administered and interesting site I have run across after years of looking at spanking sites. Best part for most viewers it that is is free to everyone, no one has ever asked for or even suggested the giving of dollars.

  4. It's amazingly easy to find just about any kind of specific story a reader would want in the Library via its 'search' function.

    Interaction between authors and readers is also easily facilitated, I can only figure that Februs (the administrator) is some sort of technical genius... --C.K.