Saturday, 5 November 2011

Dana Kane, Disciplinarian Extraordinaire

Anyone exploring the Spankoverse is likely aware of this stunning lady. Back in September, I was in touch with her and she asked if I would do a portrait. While I normally don't accept commissions, how could I refuse her? So I sharpened my pencils and then put them away - this woman was worth doing a color piece for. 

Although we've never actually met face to face, it was obvious from her blog and her emails that she has as much grace and elegance as she does beauty. I encourage you to visit her site and say hello. But be polite - I expect she also knows how to deal with rudeness swiftly and sharply...

And Dana - you are most welcome for the art - I enjoyed doing it and I'm thrilled you are having it framed for your 'playroom' - I hope the sight of it will remind your recalcitrants to behave themselves and do as they're told while in your charge.
(I can't help but to imagine a scenario where you make them wait in the playroom for your appearance, and then enter to discover them doing something inappropriate with themselves while looking at it. If so, give them an extra stroke for me - after all, this portrait was for you, not them...)


  1. Great art thanks

  2. RedRump,
    I am honored that you've taken so much time and effort in this beautiful piece of art, and will be happy to administer much discipline under it's gaze.

    Very best,
    Dana Kane

  3. Hi RedRump:

    This is a stunning portrait! Very nicely done! Ms. Kane is obviously very pleased with it and rightly so! No doubt it will look beautiful (and a little intimidating) on her playroom wall! ;-)

  4. Thanks, HMP!

    Yes, she has offered to see to it personally that I live up to my name the next time I am in her neck of the woods....