Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Interview with Dana Kane

The world is getting crowded with Dominatrixes these days, as even the briefest search on the Internet will attest to. However, there are few as preDominant as the eminent Ms Dana Kane. Over the course of January, I have been busy working on an art project for her, and in response, she has graciously agreed to offer up some insights on her life of a Disciplinarian.

Have you been a lifelong spanko, or did you only discover the joys of butt-smacking as an adult?

I think I had one of the more atypical spanko-brewing upbringings, in that I wasn't spanked often or with much vigor, but didn't really crave them, either. I don't recall looking up the word 'spanking' in the dictionary or being particularly entranced with spanking imagery on television, but I have always been a little more than duly fascinated with other people's backsides. I think that the evolution to what we'd brand a spanko didn't really take place until I was introduced to a wider community with whom to participate; before that, I was just sort of the weird girl.

Could you tell us a bit about the circumstances that lead you to becoming a professional disciplinarian? Is it something you always wanted to do?

I moved to Los Angeles! It had never occurred to me that I could do what someone like Dana Specht or Jacqueline Omerta did before then. Lightbulb moment.

Do any of your non-spanko friends know what you do when they are not around....?

I have very few non-spanko friends at this point in my life. A few old friends and family members who're still around know everything about my lifestyle...they're not shocked.

You certainly seem to genuinely enjoy what you do. What is the most satisfying aspect of the punishment experience for you? ( is it the feeling of empowerment? the sense of naughty kink? the honesty and candidness of your clients exposing their private fantasies? Knowing that you are the vehicle for them to explore their own psyches? Or maybe it's just the way their buttocks turn redder and redder...?)

I know it's cheating to say 'all of the above', but that's really the only true answer. It's everything - the intimacy, the psychological aspects, certainly empathy, and also a large dose of what I've termed Gleeful Sadism.

Have those sensibilities evolved over time? If so, how?

If something gets routine, it's because we've approached it wrong. I think that we're always evolving in some way or another, if we're lucky, and the same goes for our peccadilloes. I've found that there's real catharsis in the physical act of sharing a spanking and have come to appreciate the simplicity of that shared energy.

Let's say a new client has approached you. He's never been to a disciplinarian before, but wants you to indoctrinate him. Assuming he has been properly polite and punctual, what is he in for?

First-time spankings are usually about finding out the difference between fantasy and reality. What it feels like to stand naked, anticipating discipline, how a hairbrush really feels when it hits the same spot over and over great the headspace is afterward. There's a lot to absorb that first time, so to speak.
Do you have a favorite role-play scenario?

For someone who was pretty good at disrupting other students during class, I have soft spot for teacher/student scenes in which I get the chance to be the overbearing instructor.

What are your favorite implements to wield, and why?
Nothing can ever stand in for a hand spanking, in my opinion. Barring that, I prefer short-handled, close-contact weaponry. The cane is elegant, but doesn't come into play nearly as often as many folks simply detest it.
Have you ever met your match- that is, someone you just knew you couldn't make regret their desire to be punished no matter what you did? 

Not yet. But I love a challenge.

Any takers out there? 
My sincere thanks to you, Ms Kane, for your time and for the glimpse into your world.

Thanks for letting me participate!
For all you gamblers and sun-seekers looking to escape winter, Ms Kane currently resides in Las Vegas, but often tours the country, spreading her own brand of warmth wherever she goes. Be sure to read over the instructions provided on her website before making an appointment:
And please consider a donation to one of the animal charities she supports:

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Now THAT'S Gotta Hurt!

Whacked so hard, the impact lifted him right off her lap... what could this poor lad have done to warrant such a wallop?  I'll leave that to your spanko-maginations...