Monday, 24 October 2011

Staying Warm as the Seasons Change

As the days shorten and the nights get cooler, I suppose most people start pulling out the blankets, or the environmentally challenged among us make a beeline for the thermostat. Me, I'd rather seek out a nice warm soft lap to keep the front of me warm. 
As for the back side, well, there must be some way - maybe I just need to give it a little more thought...


  1. when i was in school i was accused of being a dreamer and not paying attention to my school work. girls wore skirts when i was in school and i dreamed a lot of being across each and every one of those lovely laps including the teachers. thanks for posting these lovely pictures.

  2. Nice pics, but # 3 has my vote, looks like a great lap to lay over.


  3. @ tommyspt -

    You too, huh?

    @ James -

    If I had to choose myself, I think I'd go for the last of the set. Pretty statuesque legs, and they look long, too...

  4. Just give me a nice warm lap to lay across, toasty warm toes to worship or a warm female bottom to cover my face and I'm a happy camper. Even if the wind is howling and there is 3 feet of snow outside my door! ;-)

  5. @Tommyspt and RedRump, Me three on that, with extra for patterned tights or long, woolly knee socks!