Monday, 16 January 2012

More Sorority Paddlers

Seem to have college girls armed with paddles on the mind lately...

I've no idea where this last one came from, but it is a great illustration from the 50's, unusual for its F/M implications, as the era seemed phobic about the idea of gals spanking guys. 


  1. Great pix. But then I always have images of women (of all kinds) armed with paddles, on my mind.

  2. I definitely missed that aspect of college! I had plenty of fun but not THAT kind of fun!!! ;-)

  3. A woman with a paddle in her hand is a beautiful thing!

  4. Growing up in the 50's I want to thank you for all your pictures and illustrations from that era. Spanking at home, at school, at church and numerous other places was very common in those days. I was on the receiving end of quite a few spankings from Mom, Aunt, and several teachers, mostly women spankers, Dad only spanked me a couple times. So needless to say I can really relate to all your 50's posts.... Thanks, they bring back wonderful memories!

    1. You're welcome, Dave! I wish I'd gotten more spankings when I was growing up, especially from some of the teachers I had. Oh, well. That's what this blog is for, to fill in the gaps.

  5. I've no idea where this last one came from

    I plugged it into Google Image Search (currently directly accessible at but you never know when that might
    change) and that led to

    So apparently the artist was Gene Bilbrew (, despite the "Muffy" signature on the work. That fetishartists page also mentions that "Fantasia
    magazine was published by Lucian Press".

    -- irvingb