Sunday, 26 February 2012

More Retro Ad Fun

Just what 'occasions' are they referring to...?

This next one is not my artwork, but a couple unrelated ads from the 50's cobbled together, with apologies to the original artists -


  1. That second one is just hot.


  2. Your imagination and artistic skill go right to where my joy is.

    my need to be second to a Woman

  3. I just love your art Red Rump. Those 50s ladies look so sophisticated, I'm sure their belts are going to cause all sorts of agony to naughty male bottoms!

  4. Thank you very much. It's encouraging comments like yours that inspire me to keep going. However, I should point out again that the second illustration is not mine (wish it were!). If only I could paint like that...!

  5. I love your art!
    Both of these pic's are great..
    Artistically yours (the first one) is better.
    Although not your pic, on the second one, I admit there is nothing sexier than seeing someone unbuckle their belt for a good reason!
    If you ever get a chance, draw a similar pic..
    FYI: I'm a spanking wife!

    1. hi Strnggyrl, and welcome!

      All 5 of your comments came through - they were just awaiting approval before they show up. They are all so nice, I'm tempted to publish them all...
      Anyway, I'm glad you like the art. If you like the belt theme, please check out 'Angry housewife' from last September.

    2. 5 replies?
      WOW, I'm sorry. When I did not see my comment post, I thought it was my computer.. so I kept trying..
      I'm not sure what is worth re-posting, but I will try to contribute more!

    3. No need to apologize - I appreciate every comment that comes in.