Thursday, 21 June 2012

RetroFix - Sophia Loren

Not much time for blogging lately - the summer is shaping up to be a very busy time. Thought I'd make up for a little lost time, though, with an extra long series of photos of one of retro celebdom's most statuesque ladies - the inimitable Miss Loren...


  1. The first photo looks like she's just spanked someone.

  2. It would be with the greatest of pleaure, to take down the knicker's, pantie's, or bloomer's, of one of Filmdom's great beauties, such as Sophia Loren, and spank her voluptous naked rear end. I can dream can't I.

  3. There's something so classic about these screen sirens of yesteryear. They have a class that many of today's stars do not seem to be able to match.

  4. great photos..thanks for sharing
    bottoms up