Friday, 12 October 2012

RetroFix - Joan Collins

Stunningly beautiful, with a glare that could send a chill up the spine of an active volcano, Miss Collins epitomizes the image of a disciplinarian. If she has never wielded a cane or belt in her life, then it is a sad proof that life is just not fair.

And even if I'm mistaken and she has at some point delivered some fortunate a hot stinging backside, then the proof is no less - since that backside wasn't mine!


  1. I preferred Joan in the pre Alexis Carrington days as you have shown her hair, she was not dissimilar to Liz Taylor then.

  2. There was a similarity, and while Liz wan irresistible, Joan had that haugty English accent that seems to appeal to so many Spankos.

  3. In my humble opinion. This now mature English beauty deserves to have her knicker's taken down. And a pliable stinging cane, be given to her right across her voluptous naked rear end. So say I. Six of the Best, six of the very best from this pliable stinging corporal punishment implement, would do her justice.