Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Office of Correctional Services Pt. 7


This past week has been just godawful. The OCS got a notice delivered from the Dean's office that a few of the football players were involved in a brawl at The Fox and Forest pub last weekend. That requires our office to take action. Tess, Brad is one of them. He's got a swollen lip and a bruised jaw, but that didn't prevent his name being submitted to our office, along with a couple of his buddies. When the Dean's office contacts us, we have to serve notice to the student, so I email them an instruction to report to the office so I can make a proper appointment and hand them the guidelines they have to memorize in preparation for their correction.  I wasn't certain Brad would even show up for that, knowing how self-important he is sometimes. But he did. It was so weird, Tess. Ms. H was occupied in her office with another student at the time. I could see Brad's startled glances toward the closed door as Ms H's paddle impacted on bare flesh and the inevitable howls that followed. After several months, I was numb to it, but now it made me suddenly very self-conscious. Brad had his stiff macho face on, but he still told me he wanted me to do what I could to get him out of this somehow.   I replied I had no authority to anything about it, at all. I felt terrible,  but what can I do? Even if I could, should I? I mean, that would be an obvious case of favoritism, wouldn't it?

 I wrestled with this dilemma the rest of that day. Then I had dinner with him later, and told him I couldn't help, and he got really mad. He was going to just say screw it and let the school expel him, but he needs his athletic scholarship and accepting disciplinary action is the only way to keep it from defaulting. It took me a long time to convince him of that. But he was still pissed at me for not even trying to help him. I offered to help him memorize the appointment rules, warning him how Ms H increased punishments for failure to have done so. "F---  that!" he exclaimed. "I'll take what I have to so I can keep my scholarship, but I'll be damned if I let that crazy bitch beat me just because her nose is out of joint over some f---ed up rule she made up!"
I was appalled. I told him he couldn't take that attitude. "Ms Hutchins takes all this very seriously, and you had better do the same. If you give her any trouble - especially refusing to comply with her treatment - she can and will report that back to the Dean`s Office and they can nullify whatever correction you`d already received and start the whole process over again. They might even decide to overturn correction altogether and expel you."
He gave me the dirtiest look (like it was all MY fault!) and went silent. Looking back, I probably should have just let him sulk, but I didn't want him to be mad at me, so I slept with him that night. Without getting into all the details, I put some 'effort' into it too, specifically to show him I was really on his side. Well, he took it all and was pretty rough with me in return - much rougher than he knows he should have been. I think he was punishing me for not helping him the way he expected me to. He didn't hurt me, exactly, but it was not what you would call lovemaking.
I could really use some big sisterly advice right about now. Brad really can be a grade A jackass when he wants to be.


I`m glad you said it and not me. I wouldn't stay with a guy like that. I guess you have to ask yourself if he is ultimately worth the trouble, and no one but you can tell you that. All I can say is you should do what`s right for Lindsay Ashcroft, and not her jackass boyfriend. As for what to do about his impending appointment, I am WAY out of my league on that one.  Sorry.

Love, Tess


You're right. My call. If I try to run interference for him, Ms H will be seriously disappointed in me. If I don't, Brad will be seriously angry. Why is this suddenly on my shoulders, anyway? He got himself into this. Why should it be my responsibility to get him out? Would Ms H even  listen to my appeal? Heck, I'm not sure intervention is really the best course, anyway. He did do what he did, and if he thinks he can get away with it, is it really doing him any good? Whether Brad is worth the trouble, I don`t know. I don`t know how much depth of character he really has. I suppose I`ll find out tomorrow when he comes in for his appointment. Ms H does have a way of putting character to the test and getting to the truth.

wish me luck, sis

Hi Tess

Well, it's done. When Brad arrived, I put him through the same paces as anyone else. He was clearly not impressed. I pleaded with him to just suck it up and do whatever he was told. When that just earned me another dirty glare, I had to threaten to note his refusal to be quiet when he tried to protest my attitude toward him. Do you know how awkward that was?? No, I guess you don't. Anyway,  he got belligerent again. The dumbass! One of his football buddies was there for his appointment right after him, and I think Brad`s attitude was enhanced by his presence. His voice got louder, and Ms. H had to come out herself to shut him up, and that's always a BAD sign.
The sight of her standing there, cane in hand, and casting the most withering stare, was at least sufficient to give him pause, and she gave me a warning glance to keep things under control before returning to her office.
When Brad was called in, I quietly asked Ms. H if I could be present. "Are you sure you want to be, dear? This might get very unpleasant for you, almost as much as for him."  Well, I wanted to see whether Brad had the stuff to put aside his ego and the maturity to accept his due. I assured her I wanted to be. She gave me a searching look, but nodded her approval.
First, she let him have a royal tongue-lashing for his behavior, both at the pub, and for his outburst in her reception. She demanded an apology, first to her and then to me. Brad complied, but his tone was nothing short of resentful, a fact that did not go unnoticed by Ms H: "That was lamentably insincere, Bradley. We will try it again after your treatment. Perhaps you`ll feel a little more repentant then. Now be so good as to lower your trousers and prostrate yourself over the bench."

Brad obeyed, and without protest. It always amazes me how Ms Hutchins can make even an adult,  220 pound sack of testosterone like Brad submit to a thrashing like an errant ten year old. I`d like to think he complied so easily because he knew it was inevitable, and now at least he could get it over with. If he could have known what he was really in for, he might have chosen expulsion.
While Ms H selected a razor strop from her implement rack, I secured Brad`s ankles in the restraints and then place his hands on the bar bolted to the base of the horse. "Whatever you do, " I whispered in his ear, "don`t let go of the bar."
"I swear, Linds, when this is over-"
"Ssssh! No talking!"
"Stand away, Lindsay," Ms H said, approaching. I took my proper place well out of Ms Hutchins` swinging arc, and couldn`t stop myself from a indulging a moment of admiration for Brad`s muscular exposed butt. It was the last time I would see it so virgin white for awhile. 
"Now then, Mr. Denning - why are you here today?"
"For fighting in the pub."


Brad`s whole body shuddered, but he kept his tongue.
"Is that a proper answer?"
"Yes - uh, no - what do yo want me to say?"


"I EXPECT you to address me properly!" Ms H snapped.
"OWW! Alright, yes, ma'am!"
"That`s a bit more like it. Now, let`s begin again. Why are you being punished today?"
"For fighting in the pub, ma'am."


"Correct. Do you think you deserve to be punished?"
"Yes, ma'am!"


"I don`t believe you."


"I expect total honesty from my students, Mr. Denning. You don`t think you deserve to be here, do you?"
"No, ma'am..."
"Better. Now let`s get down to why you deserve exactly what you`re getting...."


And on it went. Ms H grilled him right an proper, both audibly and physically. I watched in mute awe as Ms H reduced my big tough boyfriend to a whimpering child, and have to confess that his butt never looked so good as she painted it with broad reds and purples. I suppose I should have felt sorry for him, but the truth is, every time he yelped I reminded myself of how badly he`d treated me the last few days and that made me realize that this is truly just what Brad needed. It was really doing him some good, and the worse Ms H walloped him, the better off he`d be for it. When Ms H finally decided she had gotten her message across, she motioned for me to undo his ankle restraints and help him up.  As I did, she reminded Brad that there was still the little matter of an apology he owed the both of us.
I was astounded to see real tears in his eyes, and was genuinely moved as he blubbered out how sorry he was for his behavior. I don`t think Ms H was convinced, but she nodded and let him go with a frightful warning that if she ever saw his face in her office again, she would take a cane to him and assured him it would be a much more painful experience than this had been.
I helped him out and hugged him in the outer office. There was another appointment there waiting his turn, but I didn't care. Brad was red-faced with shame and in too much pain to respond, so I let him be. Watching him waddle away down the hall, I was awash in my own sea of conflicting emotions that I can`t even put a label too.
Life here is getting complicated, sis.

love always,


  1. May my congratulations lend more power to their arms, RR. Richly deserved punishments. Sometimes the only way to a boy's mind is through his bottom.

  2. RR, you're a genius. An evil, twisted genius, but hey. I love these pieces - they're SO hot! :D

  3. Thanks, P! You're going to give me a swelled, uh, head.

  4. You've done a really nice job of describing an intelligent, sensitive woman who's attracted to a guy who doesn't deserve her affections--but women often tend to be that way.

    If she wishes to have a Neanderthal-type guy as her boyfriend, though, she's in no position to then complain that he's an arrogant jackass--I suppose she'll have to start using a razor strop herself to control his classic male ego... --C.K.

    1. Oh, if only I had a nickel for every time I've seen otherwise intelligent women choose a jackass for a mate....

      In Lindsay's case, she is just making the common mistake of equating depth of chest with depth of character - just like us guys so often assume an angelic face must go hand in hand with an angelic character.
      I think she was just hoping Brad was the exception, and is a little reticent to admit her mistake.

      Thanks for your comments!

  5. That'll teach him!

  6. I hate to be the cold water in this bubbling teapot, but I don't think Brad was entirely wrong and I don't think he's such a bad guy. His sullen behavior towards Lindsay was, of course, reprehensible, but also understandable. If he indeed mistreated her, that's another matter.
    Perhaps he IS a jackass, in which case, she should dump him.

    His anger at this punishment might also be understandable depending on the circumstances of the brawl. If he was simply coming to the aid of a friend for instance, he might be justified in his resentment.

    Mrs. H, on the other hand, seems to enjoy her job a little too much, bordering on sadism. And, she IS a bitch...

  7. Wow, I can't believe I'm actually getting comments for and against the characters in this little escapade - it's exciting!

    Thanks for the comments, all!

    Oh, and Ms H is a bitch, but only because she knows that making a visit to her as unpleasant as possible is the best way to ensure the student will change his/her ways.