Saturday, 11 May 2013

Saturday Smackdown

Yup, still here. Occasionally.  Felt like it was time for a proper smackdown. I know I could use one.


  1. Hmmm... A bit of a surprise (mostly F/f). The girl in #2,3,and 4 seems to be getting a particularly good going over. Nice!

  2. I would love to cane that naughty lady in the top photo. This lady is wearing a red bram a black garter-belt, and stockings attached. When she is in position bending over that stool she is pointing at. I would love to cane that voluptous naked rear end of hers. A dozen strokes, I would give her.

  3. fun photos to dream about... thanks for sharing
    bottom sup

  4. That sixth picture down would be perfect if the girl was wearing actual knee socks, pulled all the way up and cuffed.