Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Spreading the Cheer

My friends over at the Library of Spanking Fiction have been busy little elves, slaving away to provide a spanking hungry world with some holiday happiness:

LSF Publications have released seven brand spanking new volumes of
Christmas spanking stories. With a total of 222,500 words, there is
something for everyone ... there are 5 M/F books, 1 F/F and 1 F/M. So
stuff your Christmas stockings with the following titles:
The Best Christmas Present Ever (M/F)
Blue Christmas (M/F)
One Last Christmas (M/F)
The Christmas Sprit (M/F)
Christmas at Woodbridge Manor (M/F)
Christmas Spanking F/F Femdom Tales
Christmas Spanking F/M Femdom Tales

All titles are professionally produced and very reasonably priced.
They can be bought from LSF Publications or Amazon. Further details,
including links to all the Amazon marketplaces are available here: 


  1. OT, I know, but these illustrations raise the topic of "Christmas spankings." This genre consists of mostly illustrations of Santa spanking various victims,male and female. Would our bloghost have any interest in stretching the genre to include pics of males being spanked over Mrs. Claus' gaily decorated apron or over the stripy-stockinged knees of female elves? Perhaps we could see some switching or paddling from the Befana tradition?

  2. While I realize most spanking art falls within the realm of 'fantasy', I've never been a big fan of the side of spanking art depicting fantastical characters, whether it be Santa related or some superhero/heroine. I have a Christmas illustration coming later this week.
    Maybe next year....


  3. Befana is an Italian Christmas figure. She is usually depicted like a "witch" who comes around at Christmas to spank, switch, or even carry off the naughty children.