Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Office of Correctional Services, Pt. 11

Good Morning Tess

Wow, I can't believe we’re into February already! This school year is just flying by. I've been doing a lot of studying, a lot of researching and essaying, and driving out into the countryside on weekends taking photos for painting winter landscapes. I did manage to get in a day of skiing. This winter, for all its relentless storms and brutal cold, has been a skier's paradise. I am so out of shape, though – my muscles were so sore after that day I could hardly walk. Gave me a taste of what old age has in store for us all…
How are you and your new beau getting on?

Hi Linds

Your winter sounds like our winter. Never seen so much snow, even for Colorado. Jim and I are doing great. He is such a nice guy. The best I've come across in a long time. We`re planning a trip down to Sedona for Valentine's. Can't wait.
BTW, you haven't mentioned anything about Royce or your part time job (if you can call it that) for the last month. Is all that spanking stuff out of your system?

Hi Tessie

Sedona would be wonderful! I am so jealous – and happy you seem to have found someone who looks like a keeper. And no, 'all that spanking stuff' is most definitely NOT out of my system. I just thought you might be getting a little tired of my going on and on about it. But since you asked - things are a bit slow at the OCS right now. I've only been called in to work twice since Christmas. But Ms H has been giving me lessons in the punitive arts. She has me practicing on a pair of small chair pillows, working on my form and my aim. She says I demonstrate some talent with the cane. I must admit, I do so love wielding that thing, especially the whoosh sound it makes – music to my ears. I give my own pillows a solid fifty strokes every night before bed. I'd love to practise on Royce, but he is crazy busy with his own courses right now, and there`s not a lot of privacy to be had around campus, anyway. We did meet at Starbucks last week, and I promised him that when spring arrives – if it ever does! – we`ll find some abandoned barn somewhere and I'll deliver him a sound whuppin`  that will make up for lost time. I told him that he would be expected to cut his own switch, and that he'd best learn to do a better job of it than the last time, or else! I also told him how eager I was to see him twist and squirm under my strokes, to watch the welts rise on his bare flesh, and to hear his cries and gasps of desperation. He gaped at me like a little boy getting his first glimpse at a naked woman, and had a decided awkwardness to his stride when we walked out.  Once we got out to the parking lot, I gave him a stern warning not to masturbate over our little discussion once he was home, but I tend to think my words went unheeded!

Something else is going on, too. I FINALLY got a reply on my application to Delta Kappa Phi – they have accepted it (yay, me!). Remember, that was the whole reason I took that position at the OCS in the first place – one of the entry requirements was doing some kind of work around the college, and the OCS was the only thing I could get. Well, it took long enough, but I guess they decided it was sufficient. I still have to pass a final interview and then the initiation, but it looks good right now.

Hello Linds,

Congrats on your sorority app! That`s exciting! As for Royce, are you sure the two of you are not involved, even without meaning to be?

Hi Tess

No, we really aren't inclined romantically. Don't get me wrong – we are fond of each other, but we love the spanko relationship we have right now. It's kinky and unique, and frankly, if we crossed that line into boyfriend girlfriend territory, it would get more complicated and something of that fun kinkiness would be lost.
As for Delta Kappa Phi, I am trying not to get my hopes up too high. And to tell you the truth, I am more than a little nervous, too. You know, it's an old school sorority. The initiation is pretty rough. One of the girls told me in secret that it involved some pretty intense paddling.  I don't know if I want to go through that.
I know what you must be thinking – what a hypocrite! Lindsay is willing enough to dish it out, but not take it. Well, you're right. So I'm a hypocrite. Sue me. I am not a fan of pain, and I'm not abashed to admit it. When I mentioned the initiation to Ms H, she smiled, and said "Good! Lindsay, you need to do this. A disciplinarian should experience corporal punishment first hand herself. She needs to understand exactly what she is inflicting on her charges. It will give you a proper perspective and a more profound respect for the implements you wield."
I couldn't really argue with her – one does not argue with Ms H, in any case – I know she's right. Before I wield a paddle professionally, I really should know just what one feels like on my own bare butt. Still, I've seen how the students howl under Ms H's paddle, and my knees go weak thinking about it happening to me. At least those students don't really have a good idea of what they're in for until it's too late. I do have some idea. They say that the unknown is what causes us the most fear, but I don't know about that.
What do you think, big sister – should I go through with this or not?

Lindsay –

I suppose that depends on how committed you are to this disciplinarian thing.  She is right – how can you dish it out properly if you can't empathize with what the poor sap you're beating is undergoing?
OMG, listen to me – I'm starting to sound like your boss, for crying out loud.  I am totally out of my league here. Do what you want , little sister. You always do. Just be sure you know what it is you want, first.


  1. Hey Linds... enjoyed reading your scenario of finding an abandon barn out in the country to enjoy some play. It is a bucket list thing for my wife. We've been out on drives in the country looking for an old barn or abandoned shed away from the busy city were we can hve some fun and play. My wife's fantasy is to find an old barn for some privacy were she can strip me naked and give me a good strapping. I must admit I'm also looking forward to it. JUst haven't found that private place yet.

    1. Beyond the obvious delights, there's the added thrill of possibly being discovered in there. Good luck with your search.

  2. Thanks for the well written series!

    1. You're welcome! It's been fun so far - especially as I make it up as I go along, I don't know where Lindsay's spanking adventures will take her any more than you or she does.

  3. Well it looks like it's time for the rubber to meet the road for Lindsay. Let's see if she can walk her talk and take what she dishes out. No need to wait for the sorority initiation; I'm sure Ms. H. will be more than happy to "initiate" her if she's really curious. And Ms. H. is right, btw; it's kind of her responsibility to know what it's like to be punished if she's doing it to others, if for no other reason than to know just exactly how far to go without going too far...

    1. RR: This is a marvelous series. Just a would be great if Ms. H would punish a female student in a future chapter of the series, with Lindsey, and us readers, as witnesses, of course. Perhaps with an otk hairbrushing, along with an over-the-box caning. Some of your readers/fans are "switches", you know.