Monday, 21 July 2014


First, let me thank all of you who left comments on my 'Woodshed Whuppin' story at the The Spanking Library. Your thoughts are appreciated and inspire me to want to do more writing to augment the artwork. I would post responses directly on the library page, but unfortunately I forgot all my login info. (If Miss Appleby over at the library ever finds out I lost all my access info, I could be in a bit of hot water. Rumor has it she has a back room for dealing with miscreants...)

Anyway, on to the next subject. I recently received this comment on the last RetroFix, re Anita Ekberg:
"I liked the part she played in "Call me Bwana" with Bob Hope. I wish you had a screen shot of her with Bob Hope over her knee trying to sew up a ripe in his trousers."

I had no idea about this scene, or the movie. I tried to hunt down a still, but the best I could come up with was the poster:

Interesting, though,  that the ad boys chose an image with overt spanking overtones to sell the flick. I guess a movie's worth of footage in Africa could not provide anything as appealing.

btw, I hope she's pulling those things out, as opposed to the other way around....

FD spanking is a rarity in movie promotion, but it does occasionally pop up. Here are a couple of examples from bygone days:

I've not seen either of these movies, so I can't vouch that they actually contain what they advertise, but I'm always intrigued that they even went down this road back then, even if it was just for a lobby card promo.


  1. The movie "I Dood It" probably doesn't have a spanking scene in it. Ironically, Red Skelton also starred in the movie "The Fuller Brush Man", the title of which, at least, sets off the antennae of spankos and I think there might be a lobby card of a spanking in that one too. I don't think there was an actual spanking scene in the movie though...

  2. Yeah, you're probably right. I would be amazed to see a scene like the one on the lobby card in a movie out of the 30's or 40's.

  3. It just looks so natural though doesn't it. Always suspected Anita Eckberg of being dominant. Love that the title bwana means master or in this case Mistress


  4. I've seen 'Sorority Girl' and there is an ff paddling scene. Recommended!

  5. Thank you RR very much for the work you put into your blog, it is greatly appreciated! Skelton is a childhood idol of mine. his work played no small part in my embracing my spankophilia at a young age. In his radio show in which he played Junior The Bratty Kid there were allusions to hairbrush whuppings. I have read several of his biographies and there are strong suggestions that Mr. Skelton, in addition to being a beautiful and caring man, was a spankophile. He addressed his wife as "Mommy" in public and personally advocated the inclusion of the F/m paddling scene in Bathing Beauties - an excellent film, recommended to any who have not yet seen it! Likewise the conception of "I dood it" was due in part to his encouragement. If others have insight as to Mr. Skelton's spankophile history and can correct or add to what is said here, naturally, I am curious! Keep up the good work RR!

  6. Thank you RR for your blog! You do some AMAZING work here Sir, thank you! Previous comments have been correct in that "I Dood It" did not include a spanking scene of any sort - despite Skelton's efforts, who was by all accounts a switch husband - have read 3 of his biographies, working on a 4th. Manifold spanking references popped up in his radio show when he played his favorite role, Junior The Bratty Kid. There IS and FM paddling scene in Bathing Beauties, similar era. 1955ish I think? A very enjoyable watch, if the interest is there please do check it out. Once again RR thank you for your efforts!