Saturday, 21 March 2015

Interview - Sarah Stern

If you are a fan of tall English women swinging cruel implements on your upraised bottom while scolding you in that imperious British accent, then you are likely aware of Sarah Stern of Sarah Spanks Men. She is one impressive lady, and she wields a wicked cane.

Recently I was in touch with 'Kodders', who provides blogging services for Sarah, as well as his backside for her films and her general amusement. He kindly agreed to do an interview with Sarah to give us a glimpse into her world and his, and rather than simply post written questions and answers, I sent him some questions and they recorded the discussion.

It's certainly a more visceral approach than a written post. You can listen to it here:


Moreover, you can watch her in action here:

Sarah at Clips4Sale

Or visit her blogs:



Many THANKS to Kodders and to Sarah !


  1. Having checked out the site before, I've never heard of "Sarah Stern". Isn't she also Sarah Bright?

  2. I've no idea. It's possible she may have changed her online moniker.

  3. @RedRump Thank you so much for posting this

    @smuccatelli. I changed my name from Bright to Stern when I decided to no longer switch and only Top

    1. Thanks so much. It WAS a bit confusing. And may I say I find you quite attractive and regret you've given up switching, but I guess I'll have to learn to live it (sigh). ;-)

  4. But, can Sarah still paint a grown man bottom bright red, make him cry like a little girl??

    1. Oh I'm sure she can make a big boy cry if she wants too. There is one way to find out.

    2. I need to be spanked good and hard I can't find no one to do it to me