Sunday, 21 August 2011

A brand spanking new spanking blog

OK, so here I am taking the plunge into the online pool of fellow spankos. If you're into the MF spanking scene, I'm afraid you will not find much to interest you here. But if you're the type that appreciates a soft feminine lap, a stern female glare and a stinging behind, then I hope this is the place for you.
Although primarily a forum for my own artwork, I will be posting photos regularly as well. Enjoy and visit often!


  1. love the artwork..good luck and I hope you post often...

  2. Hi RedRump.

    Welcome to blogging. I like your first two works, especially "Men will be Boys".

    Looking forward to more.

  3. If your first two drawings are any indication, I would say your new endeavor will be quite successful and very welcomed. Always nice to see a new F/M artist around the blogosphere...

    Looking forward to keeping up with your new blog.

  4. So far, you are the best on the web....Thank you. Hope you post often.

  5. Awesome artwork! Your themes really tap into the domestic discipline cravings that some of us guys live with. I've shared your work with my girlfriend who is an enthusiastic spanker - and it has given her some inspiration - so THANKS!