Monday, 29 August 2011

Once more, with feeling....

Looks like the spanking Blogoverse is populated by extremely nice people - helpful, courteous, and encouraging. (maybe it's because they've been taught extensive lessons in  those virtues....?)
Anyway, none have been more so than wdspoone over at Ma'am, Yes, Ma'am. I've enjoyed his blog for awhile, and he was the first one I contacted to cross the threshold into the Blogoverse. If you've never been there (and I can't imagine why not...) I encourage you to check it out. He shares his experiences, and posts great video and images to accompany them.
If for any reason the embedded link in ths post doesn't work, then you can easily find him in the blog list - or through the banner link at the bottom of the list.

BTW, there is no art in this post because I am currently occupied with creating a title banner for the blog. Should be up soon...

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