Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Kay Richards Tribute

So, starting a new feature on the blog with photo tributes to some of my favorite spanking starlets. And I can't think of a better start out of the gate than this girl. Kay Richards is simply AMAZING - not only does she have a killer face and figure, but she really, genuinely seems to love what she does, whether she is kicking and squirming over another girl's lap, or dealing out some serious whupass to some hapless guy who is finding out she can be as cruel as she can be sweet...

Anyone into spanking vids is likely well aware of the following links, but for those who aren't familiar, Kay has been working with Clare Fonda for several years, and has shot umpteen videos. You can see more of her at:
Clare Spanks Men 
Spanked Sweeties
My Spanking Roommate
Spanked Callgirls

Check out a YouTube interview with her; (you'll see she has as much charm and personality as she does beauty):

Watch a long F/M clip of her scolding and spanking here:
Anniversary Spanking

Damn, it's getting awfully warm in here. I think I need an ice-cold shower.....

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  1. Thank you for this Red, Kay's expressions when giving a spanking or about to give one are just wonderful.