Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Office of Correctional Services

From: Office of the Headmistress
           Abernathy College of Applied Arts

Dear Student,

You are receiving this notice to better prepare you for your appointment with Ms. Hutchins, the Correctional Counselor. It is regrettable that you have elected to pursue behaviors for which the Headmistress has deemed it necessary to employ the services of Ms. Hutchins's office, but it must be remembered that it is you who is responsible for this disciplinary action, and no one else.
The first and foremost intention of this action is correction of those behaviors which are as detrimental to you as to your peers. Therefore, however trying the experience might prove, it is important to remember that it is for your benefit. In order that it proceed smoothly and with all the decorum befitting our beloved institution, you will follow these guidelines, as outlined by Ms. Hutchins herself:

1)Expect to be punished. You will not avoid physical discipline by any means. How much is dependent on your transgression and your compliance with the following guidelines. You will arrive in formal institutional attire, 30 minutes prior to your appointment. Do NOT be late. Tardiness, even at this early stage, WILL result in elevated correctional treatment. Be aware that your correction begins the moment you step in the door, and your behavior will be closely observed every moment you are within the boundaries of my offices.
2) Prior to your appointment, I will have reviewed your case and assigned an appropriate correctional treatment. Your first obligation is to check in with my receptionist, Lindsay, who will present you with the details of that treatment and a consent form.  Be aware that your treatment is the minimum you will receive. Whether the allotment is increased or not is entirely dependent on your behavior from this moment on. While in the waiting room, you will not speak with any of the other students awaiting appointments. Having signed the consent form, you will sit quietly and wait to be called.
3) Once summoned, Lindsay will escort you into my office and you will present yourself to me directly. Always address me as 'Ma'am'.  I will proceed to interview you regarding your misbehaviors. 

This interview is a crucial step in your correction - be aware that your conduct will determine the course of your subsequent corrective treatment. Therefore -

    Your responses to my questions should be prompt, thoughtful, and - above all - honest. Dishonesty WILL result in a sharp increase in your corrective proceedure.

    Look at me when I talk to you. Staring at the floor when I am dealing with you is not 'appropriately submissive'; it is simply rude. Doing so will likely earn you a sharp slap on your cheek to regain your attention. Repeating this behavior more than twice may result in an increased allotment of punishment.

    Do NOT use profane language or demonstrate such boorish responses as snorting, or shrugging, or smirking. Profanity will dealt with especially severely, perhaps even to the extent of the doubling of your allotment.

4) The interview concluded, I will instruct you to proceed to the correctional box, and to lower your trousers and undergarments. 

You will then assume the proper position, leaning forward over the box, and gripping the bar you will see mounted at its base with both hands. Your ankles will be secured to the box's legs - this I have found necessary to prevent involuntary kicking and squirming. Your hands, however, will not be secured unless you attempt to raise yourself up, or otherwise interfere with the course of the treatment. Be aware that you are expected to keep hold of the bar throughout your punishment - any attempt at reaching back to cover your buttocks will be interpreted as a sign you do not think yourself deserving of your present circumstances, and WILL result in increased corrective measures.

5) You will then receive the minimum correction as originally ascribed. I do not expect you to remain silent whilst I apply the proceedure; vocal responses are often involuntary, and therefore should not be remonstrated. Again, remember that while corrective treatment is a very painful proceedure, it is for your benefit, not mine.

6) If you have conducted yourself appropriately throughout the appointment thus far, you will be released upon the completion of your minimum treatment. If, however, I have deemed it necessary to extend your treatment, you will then receive your added correction. This will usually involve a different implement than had previously been used, often one which is of a more severe nature. Be aware that I may also employ a heavier hand in delivering this segment of your correction.

7) Once I am satisfied that your treatment has had its desired effect, you will be instructed to rise and redress. I will fill out the details of your behavior and your proceedure on your file, and hand this to you to pass on to Miss Lindsay on your way out. Be aware that this file will be kept on permanent record, and will have an effect on any subsequent appointments made for you at this office. I trust, however, that I will not have to deal with you a second time. 

8) A formal letter of apology to the Headmistress for having to employ this office, and a second separate letter of gratitude to me will be expected within three days following your appointment. Failure to provide such letters will go on your file, and may result in a subsequent appointment to explain why you thought them unwarranted.

Finally, I recommend that, in preparation for your appointment, you memorize these guidelines, as  I may require a recitation of them in part or full from you. I expect that you will be able to repeat them, word for word. Mistakes will be dealt with in the appropriate manner, and may even necessitate subsequent appointments until you can recite them accurately.

Your appointment is for Wednesday, 3:30 pm.  We suggest you cancel all other activities through the remainder of the day, and please note that a reservation with the campus nurse has been made with you for 4 pm, should it be necessary.


  1. Great stuff! SAUCY RedRump!

    Does a certain little someone have a guilty conscience, I wonder?

    1. Guilty? I don't think so..... unless feeling guilty would earn me a visit to the Office. Then I'm guilty as charged!

  2. your usual wit -- very sexy

    1. I have a wit??

      Now if I only had some idea what to do with the thing.

  3. Hi Red:

    Lovely! I really like your illustration of the bespectacled cane Mistress! You also have some really excellent caning shots in here! Jolly good show!


    1. Thanks, HMP - I appreciate your comment!

  4. sissy jamieanne31 July 2012 at 06:36

    Oh my...tomorrow's Wednesday! I'll have to cancel my plans for the afternoon...feeling butterflies flutter in my tummy at the anticipation of impending punishment!

    Very nice! I enjoyed reading that! Thanks!

    1. I have a feeling there will be a long lineup. You might want to arrive extra early if you want to get a seat in the waiting room. After all, it might the last chance you'll have to sit down for awhile.

  5. Realy great thank you RR I have read the new one realy evocative too. Harry

  6. This is very real image of a school discipline