Friday, 31 August 2012

Back Again

One of the best FM spanking blogs out there, D's Naughty Boy Spanking, had shut down (not certain why), but I am glad to announce that it has resurfaced once more. D is in the process of rebuilding his entire site, including all of his former pages, and with some exciting new ideas for the future. 

Please drop by his new home and help him out by joining and rebuilding his membership count, or just to welcome him back:

D's Naughty Boy Spanking Adventures


  1. Thanks Red, for the plug. :-)

    My old Blog was shut down by no fault of my own, due to a violation of Bloggers Terms Of Service. I tried contacting Bloggers a half dozen time for some answers, with no responds.

    The positive thing is, everything was saved and backed up! I also was able to down load the entire blog into my home computer.

  2. You're welcome. Just glad you were able to retrieve it all.

  3. Been there and rejoined. I really liked your artwork (the hairbrush "advertisement" one) he used in his latest post.

    Too bad about Blogger. They keep shutting down Banjo's blog too...