Sunday, 5 August 2012

Stay Still !

What is wrong with you?! If you don't settle down, I'm pretty sure I can do this harder. You want to see me try?


  1. Wow. RR, you are so clever and talented - what a SEXY picture!

    I love the woman's expression: it just radiates strictness, but a maternal kind of strictness (so mixed with lots of love), and honest incredulity at her naughty boy's resistance. Somehow you convey that she thinks and feels that punishing her man is the most natural and commonplace thing in the world. And that's really hot.

    And what a lovely dress, too! :)

  2. Thanks, P!

    I love trying to capture those unique fleeting moments - he has to learn that she does care - she is doing this for him, not her. If only he would realize just how lucky he is to have a wife like that. Guess it;s up to her to teach him.

    That dreas was a b***h to do, btw. But I really want to get more retro with my subjects, and wide pleated dresses were the style then.

    1. I'm sure he'll learn in the end!

      And I'm sorry that the dress was a pain to draw, but I'm very glad you persevered with it because it's wonderful.

  3. Great drawing. I'm sure she can enlist some help there, alternatively tying him down might be an option, and watch the language, young man.

  4. Great, great drawing!! : ) Good capture of the struggling and movement...

    The human body is so realistic...

    Hey WAIT... you had these models posing at home right?

  5. excellent drawing, That would definitely earn a longer and harder spanking
    bottoms up

  6. Excellent and hot drawing, love it